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  • Temperature:26 ℃
  • PoP:80%

Note: The tour suggestions shown on our website are just the reference for visitors. The park does not run any tours for tourists.
For a day set(paid) tour for Taroko gorge, please take “Taiwan tour bus” suggested by Tourism Bureau of Taiwan.
Please get on Taiwan Tour Bus's website for the English speaking tour reservation ahead of your requested date.
The website is
According to different travel agents, the price will be different. A day trip can be either depart from Taipei or Hualien train station.

Suggestion A

A hike along the Shakadang Trai

Humanity & Cultural Treks: Suggestion A
Humanity & Cultural Treks: Suggestion A

Tour Suggestions Nature Treks-A Details download(.pdf) Tour Suggestions Nature Treks-A Details download(.doc)

Nature Trek Suggestion A:
A natural trek along the Jiuqudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns) Trail (estimated time required: 4-5 hours). The must-see trail which the Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail- a 2 kilometer hike in Taroko National Park. Route: Taroko Visitor Center (Hwy. No. 8, 189 km)---Buluowan (Hwy. No. 8, 180 km)---Swallow Grotto (Hwy. No. 8, 180 km)---Tianxiang (Hwy. No. 8 170 km) ---Jiuqudong Trail (Hwy. No. 8, 175 km)---Eternal Spring (Changchun) Shrine (Hwy. No. 8, 186 km) ---Qingshui Cliff (Hwy. No. 9, 180.4 km)