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  • Temperature:28 ℃
  • PoP:20%
The National Park Service of Taiwan partners with Studio Classroom to promote awareness of summer activity safety.2024-07-03
Taiwan Provincial Highway 8, 14, 14A and 9 Construction Traffic Control Information in July 20242024-07-02
After the 0403 Earthquake, Reconstruction Work is Progressing Positively, Taroko Terrace, Buluowan, and Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail Expected to Partially Reopen by the End of the Year2024-06-11
Taiwan Provincial Highway 8, 14A and 9 Construction Traffic Control Information in June 20242024-05-30
After the April 3rd earthquake, Taroko National Park has been severely damage, and the risk of falling rocks and landslides remains high. Please avoid entering the park unless absolutely necessary.2024-05-20
Trails within the Taroko National Park Ecological Protection Area (include Pingfong Cabin) partly reopened from 8:00 am, May 21, 20242024-05-15
Taiwan Provincial Highway 8 and 9 Info for May 20242024-05-04
Entry to ecological protection areas and other restricted areas (controlled areas) of Taroko National Park is prohibited from 8:00 AM on May 7, 2024.2024-05-03
During the peak period of rockfall risk, tourists go to Hehuan Mountain to enjoy the flowers should avoid the section from Taroko Arch Gate to Tianxiang and enter from the West instead.2024-04-25
Hehuan Mountain Main Peak Trail Closed for Pavement Improvement. Enjoy the flowers on Shimen Mountain, Mt. Hehuan East Peak and Xiaoqilai Trail during the flower season.2024-04-19
Mt. Hehuan Main Peak Trail will be improved with pavement project. Please Pay Attention to Construction restrictions and safety measures.2024-04-18
Earthquake in Eastern Taiwan Causes Damage to Taroko National Park on April 3, 20242024-04-03