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Taroko- Baiyang Trai Temporarily Closed for Rockfall Prevention Work from December 1, 2023 to December 10, 20232023-12-01
Provincial Highway 8 Road Construction Traffic Control Information for December 20232023-12-01
The buses info changes due to the Provincial Highway 8 road repair construction traffic controls at Xipan Dam section at 179.5 km.2023-11-16
This Saturday, (November 4, 2023), Provincial Highway 8 will be closed due to the 2023 Yunlang Tourism Taroko Gorge Marathon.2023-10-31
There will be a temporary suspension of drones and Zhuilu Old Road Entry Applications on November 4, 2023 because of the "2023 Yulang Tourism Taroko Gorge Marathon".2023-10-31
Provincial Highway 8 and 14A Road Construction Traffic Control Information 2023-10-31
Carbon Reduction at the 2023 Taroko Gorge Music Festival. Free shuttle bus! No flags, brochures, or bottled water.2023-10-27
The #302 bus increases more buses daily from October 21, 2023.  The TaiwanTrip 310 Ubus only provides bus service from Hualien station to Taroko Visitor Center.2023-10-20
Provincial Highway 8 and 14A Road Construction Traffic Control Information for October 20232023-10-17
"2023 Taroko Gorge Music Festival" A lively debut on October 28th at Taroko Terrace2023-10-16
On October 28, 2023, drone activities are prohibited in Taroko National Park.2023-10-13
There will be slope stabilization work conducted at Taroko’s Shakadang, Swallow Grotto, Tunnel of Nine Turns, and Lushui Trails from October 16-25, 2023. Please pay attention to construction restrictions and safety measures.2023-10-12