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  • Temperature:26 ℃
  • PoP:20%

Entry to Taroko National Park is free, with the exception of Zhuilu Old Road, which requires a Park Entry Permit and an entrance fee.

Before entering Zhuilu Old Road

  • 1. Apply for a Park Entry Permit through the Online Application for Taiwan National Park Permits website. Please note that a maximum of 96 persons (156 persons on Fridays, weekends and public holidays) are allowed each day.
  • 2. Bring 2 copies of your approved Park Entry Permit (either a hard or electronic copy), relevant ID, and any preferential documents to the trail entrance (located at the Swallow Grotto Trail East Entrance), which enables your team to purchase tickets on-site (cash only) and sign the Zhuilu Old Road Application Regulations.
  • 3. You are now ready for entry.
    • (1)Only those who have an approved Park Entry Permit are eligible to buy entry tickets. You are unable to apply for a Park Entry Permit on site/in person.
    • (2)Ticket purchase and trail entry are restricted to 7:00 am – 10:00 am daily.
  • 4. Flow Chart
  • Flow Chart
  • 5. Ticket prices and details
    • (1) Full ticket price (NT $200):Adults (ages 12 years and over)
      • ① Under 6 years old: documents such as household registry, health ID card, or passport.
      • ② Official execution: documents such as work permits, official letter and so forth.
    • (2) Discounted ticket price (NT $100)
      • ① Children (ages 6 to 11 years), with proof of age such as household registry, National Health Insurance card, passport, etc.
      • ② Students (including overseas students) with proof such as valid student ID.
    • (3) Free of charge
      • ① Children (ages under 6 years) with proof of age such as household registry, National Health Insurance card, passport, etc.
      • ② Officials on work duty, with proof such as work permit, official letter, etc.
      • ③ Members of the Truku or Seediq tribes with residence in Xiulin Township, with valid National ID card.
  • 6. Transportation to the Zhuilu Old Road trail entrance
    • Public transport: The nearest bus station is Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou). This station is served by buses #1126, #1133, #1133A, and #1141 from Hualien and Xincheng Railway Stations (TaiwanTrip), and bus #302 from Xincheng Railway Station (Taroko Bus).
    • Private transport: The trail entrance to Zhuilu Old Road is located on Provincial Highway 8 at 178.1 km (Swallow Grotto Trail East Entrance). Roadside parking is available further in the Swallow Grotto Trail.