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These standards are set by Taroko National Park (Taroko N. P. below) for the effective management of website data and the establishment of a data maintenance system to ensure the correctness and timeliness of website data.

The website data in these standards is limited to that on the Internet server mainframe. Network servers established by or linked by various Taroko N. P. units for work requirements are not subject to these standards.

In principle, the Taroko N. P. website will be centrally managed. The Planning Section will allocate the website address, establish a firewall and establish network security defenses to prevent the web pages being maliciously damaged or changed.

  • Taroko N. P. website web page maintenance division of labor principles:
    • The websites established by Taroko National Park's various units should be managed by specially-appointed personnel who should regularly check web page data and table contents. When data is added or removed or changed, work processes should be followed and the latest data maintained to avoid providing out of date or incorrect information.
    • Data providing units: The various units shall have specialist personnel responsible for collecting, updating and compiling original data and review and checking after it is made into a web page.
    • Web page making unit: responsible for making web pages and putting on-line.
    • Data including promotional items, related activities or press releases should, after approval, be placed by the various units in the “News”, “Activity Board” or Work Information” sections of the Taroko N. P. website and be responsible for the correctness and timeliness of the data (during time on the website).
  • Website data adding/removal work process (as shown in flow chart below).
    • Data provision: the unit providing the data will collect, compile and check the original data (including written data and electronic files) for accuracy and provide it for use in making web pages.
    • Upgrading of webpage contents: the unit providing the data will be responsible for compiling and checking updated data (written and e- files) and provide it for use in making web pages. The same applies when data is removed from web pages or web pages removed from the website.
    • Web page making: new web pages will be made by the web page making unit or contracted out.
    • Data checking: The data in the web page will be checked on-line or printed out and checked by the unit that provided it.
    • Posting/removing web pages: after review and checking of webpage contents the Planning Section will post on the web site. The Planning Section will also assist removing web pages.
    • The files provided by the various bodies should be electronic. If they are text or tables they should be in Word or Excel compatible formal. The Planning Section may, where necessary, accept the use of other formats.
  • Website maintenance system management.
    • For system management and security each unit will have a set of account numbers and password.
    • To ensure security, the passwords should be changed by each unit after they are received. Control of the passwords should be carried out by the respective units themselves.
  • Performance evaluation for Internet services and data maintenance by the various Taroko N. P. units will be carried out at the end of each year by an information group convened by the Planning Section. Reward or punishment will be decided by the Superintendent based on the results.