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Operation & Management

According to 12th regulation of the National Park Act of the Republic of China, the land in the park is divided into five categories: Ecological Protection Areas (these are managed for their wilderness value, and are not open to the public), Special Landscape Areas, Cultural/historic Areas, Recreation Areas, and General Controlled Areas. Protection projects and utility projects are undertaken according to the unique characteristics of each category's resources. This has achieved the aims of conservation, research and environmental educational recreation. According to the National Park Act, the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for supervising the park. It's Nationla Park Service is responsible for the design and supervision of parks, and also supervises the headquarters of each national park and manages the park's conservation affairs. There are five administrative Sections and one police corps for each national park. The Sections are responsible for the following matters:

  • Planning and Management Section
    The Planning and management Section is responsible for park projects, managing national park affairs, purchasing park lands, and establishing regulations in the park area.
  • Facility Maintenance and Construction  Section
    The Facility Maintenance and Construction Section is responsible for preserving resources, and for transportation, accommodations, recreation, and reconstruction of historic relics. It is also responsible for surveying, and for managing building projects.
  • Conservation & Research Section
    The Conservation & Research Section is responsible for investigating and planning conservation and research projects concerning ecological systems of forests, historic relics and scenery.
  • Recreation Service Section
    The Recreation Service is responsible for the management of tourists, recreational projects and tourist trade.
  • Interpretation & Education Section
    The Interpretation & Education Section is responsible for planning interpretation facilities, training interpreters, editing information in other languages, providing interpretation services, setting up exhibitions in the service center, and raising public awareness of conservation issues.
  • Sub-Taroko Division, Ninth Division, The Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Agency
    The Ninth Division, The Seventh Special Police Corps is responsible for public security, maintaining order, and protecting resources. It also assists in cases where the National Park Act is violated. In summary, we could say that the purpose of the National Park Service is to advance the cause of environmental protection. In addition to conservation, it also works to develop the area for recreational purposes and to educate the public about conservation. The goal is for all people to value this million-year-old national treasure and not to spoil it for the sake of short-term benefits. In this way, future generations will also be able to enjoy the beautiful park.
Ministry of the Interior

Organization of Taroko National Park Headquarters:
Ministry of the Interior / National Planning Commission / National Police Agency / Ninth Division, The Seventh Special Police Corps / Taroko Division / National Park Service, Ministry of the Interior/ Director / Deputy / Secretary General / Account Office, Planning Section, Maintenance Office, Facility Maintenance and Construction Section, Personnel Office, Conservation & Research Section, Recreation Service Section, Interpretation & Education Section, Mt. Hehuan Service Station, Tianxiang Service Station, Buluowan Service Station, Suhua Service Station