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  • PoP:80%

Prohibited Activities Regulations in the Domain of Taroko National Park

The penalty for violating the regulations is a fine from NTD600~3000.

Amended and promulgated by Order Tai-Nei-Ying-Zi No.1110809867 of the Ministry of the Interior on June 28, 2022, by amending Regulation 6; effective on the date of promulgation

  • Any display, sale, transport, or collection of animals, plants, ores, and their specimens or derived products which are illegally hunted or collected is prohibited.
  • Shotguns, cables, nets, clips, cages, batteries, poison, and other hunting equipment capable of capturing, hunting, harming, or poisoning wildlife are prohibited from entering the National Park.
  • Peddling, the erection of stalls, or the engagement in performance activities without permission or authorization is prohibited.
  • Earth filling, land leveling, or dumping of soil and rocks is prohibited.
  • Establishment of votive offering facilities or graves, posting of advertisements and mobile advertisements, hanging or placement of trail markings, or other facilities that disturb the landscape is prohibited.
  • Creating a disturbance, lighting campfires, cooking, barbecuing, grass boarding, swimming, river tracing, rock climbing, camping, erecting tents, playing or using speakers, operating remote-controlled machinery, and other similar activities are prohibited outside of designated areas.
  • Littering plastic bottles, polystyrene, other plastic or metal products, food waste, and other objects and trash not compostable or biodegradable is prohibited.
  • Lighting firecrackers, fireworks, joss paper, and other objects which could disturb public safety is prohibited.
  • Careless parking which could disrupt traffic within the National Park is prohibited.
  • Destruction of public property and facilities is prohibited.
  • Feeding wildlife or releasing, abandoning animals is prohibited.
  • Entry into areas publically prohibited from entry or entry into Zhuilu Old Road without prior permission is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to bring pets into the Ecological Protection Area, the Historical Preservation Area, or the Special Landscape Area (with the exception of along the highway).
  • Changing and altering authorized routes, itinerary, and campgrounds upon entering the Ecological Protection Area is prohibited with the exception of emergency evacuation.
  • Entry into closed trails within the National Park, or straying from routes of open trails, is prohibited.
  • Establishment of memorial plaques or other monumental facilities without authorization is prohibited.
  • Political activities and actions with the potential to cause social disputes or conflict are prohibited.