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  • Temperature:26 ℃
  • PoP:20%
  • Buluowan Suspension Bridge will stop reservation requirements starting September 1, 2022. Queuing is available on site.

Buluowan Suspension Bridge Open hours :08:30-- 16:30(Last admission time at 16:00 pm)

Closed on Mondays of the first and third week every month . If encountered a national holiday then it will be postponed.

Buluowan Suspension Bridge 2024 Closed on:

Jan8 、Jan 22、Feb 5、 Feb 19 、Mar 4、 Mar 18 、 Apr 8、 Apr 22 、 May 6、May 20、Jun 3、Jun 17、Jul 8、Jul 22、Aug 5、Aug 19、 Sep 2、 Sep 16、Oct 7、Oct 21、 Nov 4、 Nov 18、Dec 2、Dec 16

  • 1. For safety reasons, there is a maximum capacity for the Buluowan Suspension Bridge. When the limit reached, visitors will be temporarily stopped from entering. Please follow the instructions of the service staff.
  • 2. It is strictly forbidden to enter the bridge during closed hours. Trespassers enter at their own risk. Violators are subject to a penalty (prosecution) by National Park Law and other related regulations.
  • 3. In case of inclement weather such as strong wind, heavy rain, thunderstorm, and 4+ magnitude earthquake measured, or other factors affecting the safety of the bridge, and the bridge will be immediately close for a temporary period of time.
  • 4. To maintain the quality of environment and the safety of visitors and facilities, the following activities are prohibited on the bridge: picnicking, smoking, skateboarding, and cycling. No pets are allowed. Explosives and other objects that may damage the facilities are forbidden.
  • 5. Visitors who are drunk or display erratic behavior are strictly forbidden from entering. People suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure or acrophobia (fear of heights) should consider their physical conditions prior to entry.
  • 6.It is forbidden to run, jump, shout, loiter, throw objects, climb over the fence and sway on the bridge. Visitors should follow the instructions of the staff. If one failed to follow regulations, they will be asked to leave the bridge immediately.
  • 7. For the safety of visitors and maintaining the quality of recreational quality, the use of drones is forbidden.
  • 8. Watch out for strong winds. Do not use an umbrella on the bridge and please take care of your hats, umbrellas, and other personal belongings. Watch for the gaps on the floor if you are wearing high heels.
  • 9. If injury or damage occurs due to not obeying the regulations mentioned above, Taroko National Park Headquarters will not be liable. The Park Headquarters reserves the legal rights to request compensation for any damages inflicted on the public facilities.