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When you reach the Mt. Hehuan areas (over 3000 meters), you will see broad expanses of Yushan cane and Taiwan fir forest.

Taiwan is a mountainous island situated in a subtropical zone. The Tropic of Cancer cuts through the middle of the island, dividing the temperate and tropical climates zones. In addition, southwest airflows and typhoons during summer and the northeast seasonal winds during winter bring an abundance of rain. Together with its diversified topographic features, the island boasts an environment that is special and interesting both in terms of ecology and evolution sense.

Taroko National Park's boundaries include the mouth of Liwu River close to sea level, and also the highest point, Mount Nanhu, which stands at 3,742 meters. This huge difference of altitude within the park provides the visitor with the pleasure of experiencing obvious climate changes along the Central Cross-Island Highway. Subtropical to high altitude vegetation can be observed during a single trip. The visitor is rewarded with captivating experiences brought about by seasonal changes and altitude difference.

The Moltreche's green tree frog is an endangered species, native to Taiwan. Small in size, it prefers moist environments.
The Moltreche's green tree frog is an endangered species, native to Taiwan. Small in size, it prefers moist environments and its loud clear calls can be heard in the low and medium altitude forests of Taroko.

The vegetation of Taroko National Park includes broadleaved forests, mixed broadleaved and coniferous forests; subalpine coniferous forests cover areas above 3000 meters in elevation. Plant communities found in areas with underlying limestone and areas of high elevations are composed of distinctive species. The rich topographic features and diversified vegetation of the park bring about a variety of habitats in which many life forms thrive. Research indicates that one-third of the vascular plants-found in Taiwan can be found within the park. Half the species of mammals found in Taiwan are also present here. In addition, ninety percent of the resident species of birds in Taiwan , and over half of the butterfly species can also be encountered in the park. Taroko National Park is ideal for visitors keen on discovering the joys of nature.