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Note: The tour suggestions shown on our website are just the reference for visitors. The park does not run any tours for tourists.
For a day set(paid) tour for Taroko gorge, please take “Taiwan tour bus” suggested by Tourism Bureau of Taiwan.
Please get on Taiwan Tour Bus's website for the English speaking tour reservation ahead of your requested date.
The website is
According to different travel agents, the price will be different. A day trip can be either depart from Taipei or Hualien train station.

Trail opening condition

The trails of Taroko National Park provide a number of routes for the hiker to retreat from the main highway. Whether you are on the sections of the trail with outstanding scenery or along the quiet by ways, you can find an endless variety of trees, flowers, birds and insects. Along the Taosai River, for example, there are at least fifty species of butterflies and seventy-five species of birds. The following trails do not need a permit. To travel along the Central Cross-Island Highway visitors do not need to apply a permit except for Zhuilu Old Road.


1.Xiaozhuilu Trail (650 m/0.39 mile) (round trip 1.3km/0.78 mile)(30 minutes round trip)

The trail entrance is near the park headquarters to the west. Starting from the Park headquarters, through the left pedestrian path in the tunnel of Shakadang about 330 m (0.22 mile) turning left at the east ventilation tunnel. The trailhead is a few meters away at the other end of the ventilation tunnel. The end of Xiaozhuilu trail ties in with the entrance to Shakadang Trail; setting off from Taroko N. P. headquarters visitor center, visitors can take Xiaozhuilu trail first, then begin Shakadang Trail right after the first walk. This trail has a lot of planks and stairs. Please watch out slippery steps and be careful. 

2. Shakadang Trail (4.1km/2.5miles to 3D Cabin) (round trip 8.2km/5.1 miles)

The trail entrance is near the park headquarters to the west. Through the tunnel of Shakadang about 1km(0.6mile) from the headquarters, there is a Shakadang bridge connect to it. On the right of the bridge head, take the 3 story staircase down to the trailhead. The round trip takes about 3.5 hours walking time to 3D Cabin. The quiet banks of Shakadang River offer an excellent location for admirers of insects, birds and butterflies. (Shakadang means "molar" in Truku's language.) Please turn around at the 3D Cabin.The trail beyond 3D Cabin is an uphill steep climb to enter Dali and Datong.

The trail is petty far from 3D Cabin (Sanjianwu) to Datong, making the arranging of a 2 day trip suitable.

3. Changchun Trail (Eternal Spring Shrine Trail) (2km/1.2mile)

The Eternal Spring Shine is a pleasant detour from the main road about 2km from the park entrance. The trail is only 2km a loop from the trailhead behind the shrine to the small Zen monastery (Changuang Temple) at the far end. Visitors are reminded to take care on the steep stairs and to beware of falling rocks. Please mind the slippery floor while wet.

4. Swallow Grotto(Yanzikou) Trail(1.37km/0.83mile one way)

The swallow Grotto trail features marble gorge, potholes, the famous rock formation “Chieftain's Profile  Head Rock”, and geology. This trail used to be the old road. This area is susceptible to rockfalls after heavy rains and earthquakes. Wearing a hard hat is advised.

5. Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong)Trail (1.4km/0.86mile round trip)

The trail starts from the west entrances to Jiuqudong Tunnel, at the Central Cross-Island Highway about 14km(20 minutes by car) away from the east entrance. It takes about 30 minutes to walk one way. Along the trail one can enjoy the marble gorges, the rivers, the cliffs, tunnels, and the ecosystem of the vegetation growing amidst the rocky terrain. What's more, one can also observe the phenomenon of ascending air current. This trail is one of the cream of Taroko Gorge's trails.  There is no parking available only scooter paring. Pick-up/drop-off only at Jiuqudong Trail (Tunnel of Nine Turns). Parking is available ahead at Heliu campground, Lushui, or Tianxiang. Then take a bus to tour this trail. For the details, please consult tourism info> Trail on our website.

6. Lushui (2km/1.3miles) Trail

The trailhead is to the right of the park office at Lushui(white building set above the road ). This trail is a leisurely 45 minutes walk to Heliu. The path is sequestered in the shade of a variety of trees. There is a small suspension bridge spanning a verdant hollow followed by a narrow tunnel. Those portions of the trail traversing steep cliffs are securely fenced in. Near the end of the trail is a dirt road leading up the mountain to the left. The upper portion of this road is closed because of landslides. To continue on to Heliu, turn right down the road to the highway. From Heliu, follow the highway back up to Lushui(about 0.5km). Please bring a flash light. Visitors are advised to bring a flash light.

7. Baiyang Waterfall (2.1 km/1.3miles) (round trip 4.2 km/2.6miles)

Seven hundred meters up the highway from Tianxiang is a tunnel carved into the cliff at the roadside. The tunnel is about 380 meters long, and the trail continues from the far end. An hour walk brings you to Baiyang Waterfall. This trail exhibits splendid examples of the geology and morphology of the marble gorge. The path is wide and well maintained with a comfortable pavilion near the waterfall. This trail is open to Water Curtain Tunnel (Shuiliandong). (This section of river is the main Liwu River; the section of river the highway follows out from Tianxiang is only a tributary). Some part of trail is susceptible to rockfalls. A flash light and rain coat are recommended when walking this trail. Do not leave the rain coat on the trail. 

8. Chongde Trail (233m/15mints) (466m / round trip)

The trail is about 9 km (about 15 minutes by car) from Taroko park headquarters. The trail starts at the parking lots of Chongde tunnel north entrance (at 176.4 km Hwy. No 9) at Su-Hua highway. It takes approximately 10 minutes to the trail end, and turns back via the same route to the starting point. Sights to be seen include the coastal plants, pebble shoreline, the Qingshui Cliff, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Looking north from this point, the cliffs can be seen rising vertically from the ocean. This is the better point to see Qingshui Cliff. 
** For your safety, please wear a hard hat while hiking trails in Taroko gorge.