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Taiwan’s Top 100 Peaks (Baiyue)台灣百岳
A Park Entry Permit Required須入園申請
Both Park and Mountain Entry Permits Required須入山入園申請
Dangerous cliff! Do not get too close and do not climb.深崖危險禁止跨越、攀附。
Damage Repair, Maintenance, Construction Work災修、維護、工程施作
Highway Slope Damage Repair公路邊坡災害搶修
Traffic Control for Highway Slope Stabilization Work公路邊坡施工交通管制
Highway Slope Stabilization Work公路邊坡施工
Trail closed due to collapse on the cliff section.斷崖段崩塌步道封閉
Please do not enter for a week after heavy rain and earthquakes.豪雨、地震後一周內請勿進入