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Beware of poisonous bees and snakes小心毒蛇毒蜂
No vehicles are permitted to enter except official reasons. Violators are subject to be fined. (Violators are subject to prosecution.)除公務車外,禁止任何車輛進入。違者將依法告發
The Mt. Hehuan Main Peak is a mountaineering trail.合歡山主峰為登山步道
This trail runs along the cliff. Be sure to pay attention to the safety of your children.原野臨崖地區,請注意孩童安全。
No toilets on this trail. Please use the restroom prior to entering.步道內無公廁,出發前請先如廁
Available Parking Lots Near Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong)九曲洞鄰近停車位置
Provincial Highway 8 km Marker, Distance between Landmarks and Number of Parking Space 省道台8線遊憩據點里程及可停車數量
Number of Parking Space可停車數量
Bus Stop towards Jiuqudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns)往九曲洞候車處
Pick-up/drop-off only at Jiuqudong Trail (Tunnel of Nine Turns). Parking is available ahead at Lushui (173.6km).九曲洞步道僅供臨停無停車位,停放車輛請前行至綠水停車場(173.6k)
Please wait patiently after pressing the button.按鈕後請耐心等候
Press the button is unnecessary when the traffic light has 3 colors.三色運作無需按鈕