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No littering. Please take your garbage with you.垃圾不落地,請將您的垃圾隨身帶走。
No bicycles or motorcycles. Please park at designated areas.禁止車輛進入,請將機車/自行車停放於指定位置。
Smoking is not permitted on the trail. Maximum fine: NT$10,000本步道全面禁煙,違者最高罰鍰新臺幣1萬元。
Parking is available on the left side of the tunnel.隧道內左側可停車
Peak & Altitude (m)海拔高度(m)
Baiyue (Taiwan’s 100 Peaks)台灣百岳
Water Source水源地
Helicopter Pad停機坪 (直升機)
No fires or camping禁止生火、禁止露營
Beware of poisonous bees and snakes小心毒蛇毒蜂