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No hunting or fishing.禁止狩獵、捕捉魚類
No picking flowers or plants, or collecting stones.禁止採折花木、檢拾石頭。
No littering the park grounds with fruit peels, waste paper, or other trash.禁止任意抛棄果皮、紙屑或其他污物。
Violators will be fined no less than NT$1500~NT$15,000.違反以上規定者,處以新台幣一千五百元至一萬伍千元罰鍰。
No vehicles of any sort allowed on beaches.禁止任何車輛進入沙灘。
Wheelchair Ramp無障礙坡道
Accessible Car Park無障礙停車位
Accessible Restroom (Toilet)無障礙廁所
Sub-Taroko Division, Ninth Division, The Seventh Special Police Corps保七總隊第九大隊太魯閣分隊
Restroom (Washroom)公廁
AED(Automated External Defibrillator)AED(自動體外心臟去顫器)