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Stairway ahead. Mind your step. 注意階梯 小心行走
Please stay on the trail. Proceed carefully.請勿離開步道以確保安全
No smoking on this trail.本步道全面禁菸
Nine Turns of a Coiled Dragon (或用"The Nine Turns of the Coiled Dragon")九曲蟠龍
Caring for a Beloved One守護摯愛
High Mountains and Flowing Rivers Resemble Echoing Drums高山流水若鼓琴
Tender Feelings in the Gorge 峽谷柔情
Imagery of Taroko意象太魯閣
Hundreds of Swallows Singing百燕鳴谷
Hundreds of Swallows Singing in Taroko Gorge太魯閣百燕嗚谷
Swallows Flying Swiftly Welcoming Visitors 飛燕迎賓
Renewal of Contracting Project- Entrusted Private Management (Outsourced) of Taroko Village Hotel at Buluowan布洛灣山月村渡假小屋委託民間經營管理續約案