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  • Temperature:26 ℃
  • PoP:80%
  • Permits: Which trails require which permits? Does my itinerary require a permit?

    No permits required: Chongde Trail, Huide Trail, Taroko Terrace Trail, Dekalun Trail, Dali-Datong Trail, Xiaozhuilu Trail, Shakadang Trail, Eternal Spring (Changchun) Shrine, Buluowan Lower Terrace- Meander Core Trail, Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou), Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong), Lushui Trail, Lushui-Wenshan Trail, Baiyang Trail, Huoran Pavilion Trail, Mt. Hehuan Main Peak, Mt. Hehuan East Peak, Mt. Hehuanjian, Mt. Pingfeng, Mt. Shimen, Mt. Shimen North Peak, Hehuan North Peak, and Hehuan West Peak (required two-day), Xiaoqilai, Nenggao Historic Trail (not including Mt. Qilai South Peak).

    Park Access Permit required: Zhuilu Old Road, Mt. Qingshui, Mt. Yangtou, and Mt. Qilai South Peak, North Section 2 (Ganshu Peak, Mt. Wuming, Mt. Lingming, Mt. Shuan), Mt. Bilu, Mt. Qilai and associated peaks, Qilai East Ridge, Qilai South Peak.

    Both Mountain Access and Park Access Permits required: North Section 1 (Mt. Nanhu and associated peaks; Mt. Shenmazhen, Mt. Mabishan, Mt. Baba, Mt. Zhongyangjian), 2. North Section 1- North Section 2 Traverse.

  • Trails: Tips for touring Tunnel of Nine Turs (Jiuqudong) Trail (the must-see trail)

    Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail length: 700 meters one way/ 1.4 km for a round trip/ 30 minutes on foot for a round trip (Located at west entrance of Jiuqudong Tunnel, 172.3 km on the Provincial Highway 8)

    Only temporary parking (pick-up/drop-off) for cars and buses are available for the Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong) Trail, due to the proximity of the trail to the Highway and the steep gorge terrain in the area. Visitors to this Trail are encouraged to use public transport or scooters and to enter during off-peak hours and days. Please pay attention to the following traffic information and suggestions:
    1. Public transport to Jiuqudong Bus Station: Buses 310, 1126, 1133, 1141, 302 from Hualien and Xincheng (Taroko) Train (TRA) stations (buses 302, 310, 1133 only) or at the park headquarters visitor center or at Tianxiang.
    2. Individual and group tours: Cars and buses are able to drop-off/pick-up tourists at the West Entrance of the Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail. The nearest parking lots are at Heliu (provincial highway 8 marker at 169.0 km, 2.3 km away) and Lushui (169.3km, 3 km away) and Tianxiang (167.4km, 4.9 km away) (1 for drivers to wait for tourists.) There are scooters parking available at the trailhead of Tunnel of Nine Turns Rockfall Prevention Tunnel.
    3. Private vehicles: Please park at the nearest parking lots at Heliu (169 km, 2.3 km away) and Lushui (169.3 km, 3 km away), and and Tianxiang (167.4 km, 4.9 km away) and then take a bus to the Tunnel of Nine Turns trail entrance.
    Note: The above 3 bus companies (TaiwanTrip Ubus 310, Hualien Bus 1133 & Taroko Bus 302) fare can be paid by cash (exact change only) or via Taipei Metro EasyCard, iPass, or iCash. Discount offering if one uses any 1 of the 3 electronic tickets (Taipei Metro EasyCard, iPass, or iCash).
    Please use the app to download i-Bus for bus details.

    Bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator/ Please click Ubus #310, or Hualien Bus 1133, 1126, 1141, or Taroko Bus 302.