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  • Temperature:27 ℃
  • PoP:40%
  • Safety: Where can I borrow a safety helmet?

    Safety helmets can be borrowed free of charge at the following locations. You do not need to reserve the helmet in advance.

    - Xipan Service Station (24°10'20.9"N 121°34'37.0"E) | 08:00 - 17:00
    - Tianxiang Service Station (24°11'00"N 121°29'39"E) | 09:00 - 16:00 **
    - Buluowan Service Station (24°10'15"N 121°34'23"E) | 08:30 - 16:30 *
    - Hehuanshan Service Station (24°09'44"N 121°17'14"E) ^ | 08:30 - 16:30 *
    - Taroko National Park Visitor's Center (24°09'29"N 121°37'21"E) ^ | 08:30 - 17:00 ***

    ^ Designates helmet return only.
    * Closed on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month (Weeks beginning on Sundays) and Chinese New Year's Eve. 
    ** Closed on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month (Weeks beginning on Sundays) and Chinese New Year's Eve.
    *** Closed on the 2nd Monday of each month (Weeks beginning on Sundays) and Chinese New Year's Eve.

  • Safety: What should I consider when going to see snow in Taroko National Park?

    1. Safety at high altitude:

    (1)Since the place for enjoying the snow is in the high mountains, those who have heart disease, breathing difficulties, mountain sickness, significant illnesses, the elderly (over 65 years old) and the young (under 10 years old) are not suitable for visiting high altitude areas.

    (2)Check the weather and road conditions and inspect your vehicle before going up the mountain.

    (3)Those going to enjoy the snow should pay attention to maintaining body warmth, wear waterproof shoes, sunglasses, and prepare supplements such as hot energy drinks, water, and medicine.

    2.Snow Condition Inquiries: +886-4-25991195 Snow Condition Real-time Image Acquisition:

    3.Emergency Contact Numbers:

    Police Mt. Hehuan Station: +886-4-25991191

    Hehuan Precinct of Hualien Police: +886-4-25991114

    Cuifeng precinct of Nantou County Police: +886-49-2802603

  • Safety: What are the phone numbers of the emergency medical services?

    Taroko National Park Headquarters +886-3-8621100-6

    Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital +886-3-8561825

    Sub-Taroko Division Ninth Division, The Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Agency +886-3-8621405

    Xincheng Fire Brigade +886-3-8611014

    Wenshan branch of Sub-Taroko Division Ninth Division, The Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Agency +886-3-8691202

    Xiulin Health Center +886-3-8612123

    Buluowan Service Station of Taroko N. P. +886-3- 8621528

    Xincheng Precinct of Hualien Police +886-3-8611204

    Tianxiang Service Station of Taroko N. P. +886-3-8691162

    805 Army Hospital +886-3-8610918

    Buddhist Tzu Chi Gerneral Hospital +886-3-8561825

    Hualien Hospital +886-3-8358141

    Mennonite Christian Hospital +886-3-8227161

    Emergency Call 119

    Emergency telephone number if no cellphone signal 112


  • Safety: What do I do if I find an injured or dead wild animal?


    Check the animals health condition first. For dead animals, securely wrap in a plastic bag and hand to administrative personnel or the police. They will pass it to the Conservation & Research Section for preserving as a sample. For living animals, if their physical strength is good leave them alone. You can release a captured animal or take it to a service center or police station, and they will pass it to the Conservation & Research Section for further handling. Or you can take the animal to Hualien County Animal and Plant Disease Control Center directly for treatment.

    2.Inquiries Service:

    (03)8621050 (Conservation & Research Section of Taroko National Park Headquarters)

    (03)8227431 (Hualien County Animal and Plant Disease Control Center)

  • Tourism: How do I arrange a day trip in Taroko National Park?

    Here are three recommended routes:

    A. Hualien---Tianxiang

    Hualien --- 26km --- Taroko Visitor Center (located at Taroko National Park Headquarters)--- 2.5km --- Eternal Spring Shrine ---7km --- Swallow Grotto(Yanzikou) --- 3.9km ----The Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail--- 5km ---Tianxiang (lunch)--- 2km --- Lushui Service Station (Lushui Trail)--- 10.7km --- Buluowan Service Station--- 36km ---Hualien

    B. Hualien---Qingshui Cliff---Lushui

    Hualien--- 26km ---Taroko Visitor Center (located at Taroko National Park Headquarters)--- 13km --- Qingshui Cliff--- 13km ---Taroko (Lunch)---Swallow Grotto(Yanzikou)---3.9km --- The Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail--- 3.6km --- Lushui Ecological Exhibition Hall --- 10.7km --- Buluowan Service Station--- 36km ---Hualien

    C. Hualien---Tianxiang---Baiyang Trail

    Hualien--- 26km ---Taroko Visitor Center (located at Taroko National Park Headquarters)--- 2.5km ---Eternal Spring Shrine --- 7.7km --- Buluowan Service Station---3.6km ---Swallow Grotto Trail --- 3.9km --- The Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail (no parking available, please get by public bus or by scooters --- 5.5km --- Tianxiang (Lunch)---0.7km --- Baiyang Trail ---45.2km --- Hualien

    Note: Falling rocks and landslides occur frequently in this area after earthquakes or heavy rains. Please call for the latest road and trail conditions and take necessary safety measures.

  • Tourism: Can I explore Taroko Gorge by foot?

    The length of the entire Taroko Gorge (from the Visitor Center to Tianxiang) spans about 17 km. As Provincial Highway 8 (the Central Cross-Island Highway) runs alongside the entirety of the Gorge, you can access all scenic spots and trailheads by means of private transport (i.e. car, motorcycle) or bus or taxi. As the highway spans between 1 and 2 lanes, we recommend taking public/private transport or hiring a chauffeur instead of walking alongside the highway due to the high volume of vehicles on the route during the day. The risk of rockfall along the highway presents additional safety concerns.

    If you do insist on choosing to walk along the Provincial Highway 8, please first take a bus from Hualien or Taroko National Park Headquarters Visitor Center to Tianxiang, and then descend back along the same route towards the Visitor Center. The trip by foot takes around 4.5 to 6 hours along the highway, and descends from 480 m to 60 m in elevation. Please be careful of vehicles along the highway.

    Provincial Highway 8, which traverses through Taroko Gorge, as well as all scenic spots and trails, are open all year round. The Taroko National Park Visitor's Center and all service stations are closed on certain Mondays, as well as the Eve of Chinese New Year. Please consult our website (About the Park >Visitor Center) for a complete schedule of our opening hours:

    Before embarking on your trip, please also first consult the latest trail and highway conditions and closures, published under "News > Roads and Trails":

  • Tourism: Are there any baggage storage facilities available?

    There are no locker services or baggage storage facilities available in Taroko National Park. You are welcome to leave your luggage at the Visitor Center; however, please ensure that you bring all your valuables and important belongs with you. Please make sure to reclaim your bag within the Visitor Center opening hours (08:30 - 17:00) on the same day. If you would like to leave your bag at any of the other service stations and exhibition halls, please consult our website for more details: "About The Park/Visitor Center"

    Note: Taroko National Park Headquarters Visitor Center: Closed: Monday of the second week every month, and Chinese New Year's Eve (NB: All weeks begin on a Sunday. All services will be open if the Monday falls on a public holiday, postponed closure day on Tuesday.)

  • Tourism: When will the Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong) reopen?

    The Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong) Trail has been closed due to preventative rockfall construction at the west trailhead. The west trail 700 meter of the Tunnel of Nine Turns has opened since June 26, 2019. Please consult our website at Tourism info/ Trail/ Tunnel of Nine Turns for details.
    NO parking is available. Please take buses- Taiwan Trip Ubus 310, or Hualien Bus 1133, 1126, or 1141 or Taroko 302 bus. From Hualien railway station, please take the bus 310, 1133 (Tianxiang), 1126 (Luoshao), or 1141 (Lishan) bound for Tianxiang. From Xincheng railway station, please the Ubus 310, or the Hualien bus 1133 or Taroko 302 bus. (Note: Taroko 302 bus departs between TRA Xincheng station and Tianxiang.) 

    *The latest trail and highway conditions and closures are published under "News > Roads and Trails"

    * Please consult News > FAQ on our website. #<a href=" ">FAQ</a> News/FAQ “ Transportation: Where can I purchase day passes for buses to Taroko National Park?.”

    * Bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator Ubus #310, or Hualien Bus 1133, 1126, 1141, or Taroko Bus 302.

  • Tourism: Does the park offer guided day tours for visitors?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer any guided tours for visitors. The tour suggestions listed on our website is only for reference for self-guided tours:
    Please consult Tourism/ Tour Suggestions/ One-Day-Trip or other tour suggestions on our website.

    Instead, please consider arranging with Taiwan Tour Bus for a one-day guided tour as suggested by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, with the following options:

    A: English-speaking tour of Taroko Gorge (8 hours- one day trip): One Day Trip Departing from Hualien

    B: Tour of Taroko Gorge (7 hours): One-Day-Trip

    C: Tour of Taroko Gorge- departing from Taipei: (12 hours)

    Please note that one-day tours depart from either Taipei or Hualien train station. Please make sure to reserve an English-speaking in advance. Prices can vary due to differences between various means of transportation between Taipei and Hualien.

    Please contact Taiwan Tour Bus directly through their website or email ( if you have any further questions regarding their tours.

  • Tourism: How do I arrange a trip in Taroko National Park without a car?

    Traveling in Taroko by Bus:

    Half day or one day trip:

    1. Hualien (bus) --- park Headquarters Visitor Center (walk) --- 0.7 -- Xiaozhuilu Trail --- 650m --- Shakadang Trailhead to 5D Cabin (1.5km one way/ 3km a round trip)--- (return) ---Shakadang trailhead --- 1km --- Park HQ Visitor Center

    2. Hualien (bus) --- Taroko N. P. Headquarters Visitor Center (walk) --- 2.3km ---Eternal Spring Shrine Trail (2.3 km / an hour hike)--- (return)

    3. Hualien (bus) ---19km(40 mints by bus) --- Tianxiang (walk)--- 700m--- Baiyang Trail (4.2km a round trip/ 2hr )--- (return) Sightseeing on bus along the Central Cross-Island Highway

    4. Hualien (bus) --- Lushui Trail (2km/an hour walk) ---2km/30minutes on foot --- Tianxiang --- (return) Sightseeing on bus along the Central Cross-Island Highway

    5. Hualien (bus) --- Baiyang Trail (4.2km a round trip/ 2 hr walk) ---700 meters--- Tianxiang --- (return) Sightseeing on bus along the Central Cross-Island Highway.

    Option 1: Ubus 310, Hualien bus 1133 (TRA Hualien station - Xincheng Train station- Taroko N. P. HQ -- Tianxiang)

    Ubus 310 has buses running along the Central Cross-Island Highway on a regular basis. (Hualien- TRA Xincheng Station - Taroko N. P. HQ - Tianxiang)   Ubus 310 Bus timetalbe is available on our website. Please click our website: English/visitor Info/ transportation/ UBus timetable/ download the shuttle bus and lockal bus schedule (a day package ticket costs NT$250; A two-day package shuttle bus ticket costs NT$400. Buy the package ticket at Ubus company service counter at Hualien East railway station- Xinggou Insurance Company building to the left square accrossing the street. Please get a latest bus schedule at the service counter in case of any changes.) Please consider to take

    Another option from TRA Hualien Station: Take a Hualien bus No. 1126 (Luoshao), or 1133 (Tianxiang),  or 1141 (Lishan). Visitors can take a bus from Hualien train station via the park headquarters then to the final destination Tianxiang. The Hualien #1141 bus is 18:00 pm departing at Tianxiang bound for Hualien train station. Note: 1141 (Lishan) and 1126 (Luoshao) Bus will not stop at Xincheng railway station. Only Hualien 1133 Bus will make a stop at Xincheng railway station. 

    Option 2: Taroko 302 Bus depart from Xincheng railway station bond for Tianxaing (or Ubus 310 or Hualien 1133 Bus is also available at Xincheng railway station.)

    You could choose to take Taroko 302 Bus run by Taroko Bus company. 12 buses daily served between Xincheng railway station and Tianxiang. A daily package ticket is available from the bus driver by paid of exactly cash only. No changes will be provided. Passengers are allowed to use Easy card, or i-cash, or i-pass to pay the above mentioned two bus companies' bus fare.

    It is 26 km/an hour by bus(40 miuntes by car) from Hualien train station to the park headquarters. It is about 16km/20 minutes by car from Hualien airport to the park headquarters. The nearest train station to Taroko National Park Headquarters is Xincheng (Taroko) railway station. It is about 8 minutes by car. The shuttle bus will make a stop at Xincheng railway station then via the park headquarters to Taroko gorge(the final destination at Tianxiang). Visitors take a train from Taipei to Hualien, there are more trains to Hualien. Less trains will stop at Xincheng railway station if one takes a train from Taipei to Xincheng railway station. Please get to the park headquarters-Taroko visitor center requested the latest trail and highway opening conditions. Then visitors can tour the best 19 km Taroko gorge section from Taroko to Tianxiang. One can choose to stop by scenic spots or hiking trails.

    Or above tour suggestions 1-5, one can be taking a taxi at Hualien train station to tour Taroko gorge. A day taxi prices can be different from NT$2500-3500 or more. The price depends on the number of passengers for hiring a taxi.

    Visitors can also join local tours provided by travel agencies. (Taiwan Tour Bus Website is: Choose Taroko Tour (English-speaking) /East of Taiwan/ Taroko Gorge Tour.