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  • Temperature:27 ℃
  • PoP:40%
  • General: What are the Park opening hours?

    The boundaries of Taroko National Park has no barriers and is open to the public at all times and all days of the year. The Central Cross-Island Highway (Provincial Highway No. 8) traverses along Taroko Gorge through the National Park, and is open all year round unless stated on our Road Conditions website. Note that Provincial Highway 8 may be subject to closure during and immediately after earthquakes, landslides, and/or rockfalls, and Highway 14A (14 Jia) is subject to snow conditions during the winter months.
    In addition, with the exception of Zhuilu Old Road, all scenic spots and hiking trails have no barriers and are open all year round unless stated on our Trails Conditions website. "News/Roads & Trails" section
    The Visitor Center, Service Stations, and Exhibition Halls are open every day with the exception of certain Mondays and the Eve of Chinese New Year. All services will be open if the Monday falls on a public holiday. (NB: For the following, all weeks begin on a Sunday)
    1. Taroko National Park Visitor Center: 08:30 - 17:00, closed every second Monday of each month
    2. Buluowan Service Station: 08:30 - 16:30, closed every first and third Monday of each month (including Buluowan Suspension Bridge)
    3. Tianxiang Service Station: 09:00-16:30, closed every second and fourth Monday of each month
    4. The Central Cross-Island Highway Story Hall: 8:00-18:00
    5. Mt. Hehuan Service Station: 08:30 - 16:30, closed every first and third Monday of each month
    Please consult our website About The Park/ Visitor Center for additional information about each service.

  • General: Where is Taroko National Park?

    Taroko National Park is located in the east of Taiwan and spans 3 administrative areas: Hualien County, Taichung City, and Nantou County.
    The Headquarters of Taroko National Park is located adjacent to the Visitor Center at the 184.5 km marker of Provincial Highway 8. It is about 26km north of Hualien City/ about 30-40 minutes by car /about 40 minutes by public bus. (Take a Hualien 1126, 1141, or 1133  depart at Hualien esst station bound for Tianxiang. Or take a TaiwanTrip Taroko Route- Ubus #310 .) Or it is 5 km to the nearest train station- Xincheng railway station/ about 7 minutes by public bus. (Taroko Bus 302, or TaiwanTrip Taroko Route Ubus #310, or Hualien Bus 1133 depart from Xincheng station bound for Tianxiang.)
    For more information, please go to "About the Park >Visitor Center > on our website. or

  • General: How do I give suggestions, ideas, and opinions to the park?

    Tourist Suggestions Boxes: There are eight suggestions boxes in the park. Tourists may submit their opinions in the suggestions boxes located at the park Headquarters Visitor Center, park HQ Administration Office, Buluowan Service Station, Lushui Geological Exhibition Hall, Tianxiang Service Station, Mt. Hualien Service Station. Send us an e-mail at:

    Send us a letter at: 291 Fushi Village, Xiulin Township, Hualien County 972003, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    For further information, please contact:
    (Tel): +886-3-862-1100 ext 360, 811, 803
    (Fax): +886-3-862-1112, 862-1263

  • General: What should I know before arriving at Taroko National Park?

    1. Check the weather and road conditions, and arrange for a stay. Check our website. Please click English/visitor information/weather,or check "news" or "Road & Trail" for the trail and road opening conditions.
    2. Abide by the park rules as posted on signs. (e.g. No swimming. No camping. No campfires. No river tracing. Beware of falling rocks. Beware of cliff. Watch out for poisonous snakes and wildlife. )
    3. Pay attention to developing situations and always follow the park rangers' advice.

    For further information, please contact:
    (Tel): +886-3-862-1100 ext 360, or 810-812, or 801-806
    (Fax): +886-3-862-1263

  • General: What are the useful phone numbers for Taroko National Park?

    Useful Contacts:

    Taroko National Park Headquarters (tel): (03) 862-1100
    Taroko National Park Headquarters (fax): (03) 862-1083
    Buluowan Service Station: (03) 861-2528
    Lushui Exhibition Hall & National Park Mountaineering School: (03) 869-1129
    Tianxiang Service Station: (03) 869-1162
    Central Cross-Island Highway History Hall (03)8691119
    Mt. Hehuan Service Station: (04) 2599-1195

    Park Entry Permits Office, Taroko National Park HQ: (03) 862-1576 / (03) 862-1100 ext. 605

    Sub-Taroko Division, 9th Division, the 7th Special Police Corps, National Police Agency: (03) 862-1405 ext. 6
    Sub-Taroko Division - Wenshan Branch: (03) 869-1202
    Sub-Taroko Division - Hehuan Branch:(04) 2599-1191

    Taroko Gas Station (near the East Entrance Arch Gate): (03) 861-1009
    Guanyuan Gas Station (116.9 km marker on Provincial Highway 8): (04) 2599-1176

  • General: Where is the entrance to Taroko National Park?

    The East Entrance to Taroko National Park (24° 09' 20" N, 121° 37' 17.5" E) is located at the East Arch Gate of the Central Cross-Island Highway (Provincial Highway 8). It is a 30-40 minute drive (26 km) north by car from downtown Hualien to Taroko National Park's East Entrance via Provincial Highway 9.

    In addition, there are two boundary markers to Taroko National Park:
    - West boundary marker on Provincial Highway 14A (14 Jia) at Kunyang (24° 07' 18.5" N, 121° 16' 22" E)
    - Northeast boundary marker on Provincial Highway 9 at Heren (24° 13' 55" N 121° 42' 26" E)

  • General: How can visitors give suggestions?

    1.Suggestion Box:
    There are 6 suggestion boxes in the park, including the Taroko National Park Headquarters and Visitor Center, Buluowan and Lushui Geological Exhibition Hall, Tianxiang, Bilyu Sacred Tree and Mt. Hehuan Service Station.

    2.By Internet :
    Email for visitors:

    3.Administrative mail address:
    Address: 291, Fushi Villiage, Xiulin Township, Hualien County, 972003, Taiwan, R. O. C.

    4.Inquiries Service:
    Tel: 886-3-8621100 ext 360, 811-812, 803
    Fax: 886-3-8621263

  • General: How can I volunteer to be a Taroko National Park Interpreter?

    Those who meet the following requirements can receive substantive training to become a voluntary interpreter in Taroko National Park:
    (1)School teachers (i.e. elementary school teachers).
    (2)Graduates from departments of geology, biology and zoology, forestry, tourism, environmental education, interpretation, etc.
    (3)Those who love the natural environment, have a dedicated spirit and sense of responsibility, and have the ability to speak clearly with a good command of foreign language(s).
    (4)Elderly people (those retired or planning to retire and younger than 70) have been voluntary interpreters since 1999.
    (5)Others deemed as having special skills.
    (6)Sign up: Apply with your personal details (name, date of birth and ID No) and your autobiography (200 words) online. Recruitment depends on meeting requirement (good English and other language ability preferred). After information is uploaded and reviewed by the supervisor, further notification of an interview and training may be given.
    Write an e-mail to this address:

    Inquiries Service:
    +886-3- 8621100 ext 801 - 806 or 360, 811
    Fax: +886-3-8621263

  • General: What is the admission fee to enter Taroko National Park?

    With the exception of Zhuilu Old Road (A full-price ticket is NT$200; a discounted ticket is NT$100 with students, children between 6 and 12 years and adults over 65 years eligible; free admission with children under six years, mountain rescue and disaster personnel, and persons with physical and mental disabilities (each accompanied by one necessary companion) eligible.), all other areas within Taroko National Park are accessible free of charge.

    Some areas within the Park domain may require a Park Entry Permit and/or a Mountain Entry Permit. Please consult "Permits: How do I apply a permit to enter the Taroko National Park Ecological Protection Area?" within the FAQ for more information on obtaining these permits.

  • Transportation: How can I reach Taroko Gorge via public transportation from Taipei?

    The Headquarters and the Visitor Center of Taroko National Park (24° 09' 29.5" N 121° 37' 22.5" E) is situated at the 184.5 km marker of Provincial Highway 8 (the Central Cross-Island Highway), and is roughly 26 km north of Hualien City. The nearest TRA (train) station is Xincheng-Taroko, about 5 km southeast from the Park Headquarters.
    Option 1 by train:
    Train from Taipei to Hualien:
    There are express trains running regularly between Taipei and Hualien. There are three types of express trains that run along the east coast (from fastest to slowest): Taroko, Puyuma, Tze-Chiang. A one-way journey by train takes between 2-3 hours and costs NT$440. The tickets price might change. Please confirm the Taiwan Railway Administration website
    Occasional Puyuma and Tze-Chiang express trains also stop at Xincheng station (NT$403). Train tickets can be purchased up to 28 days in advance. We advise visitors to book tickets well in advance as express trains are often fully booked. Tickets can be purchased online, in-person at any TRA station (up to 28 days in advance), or at any 7-11 or FamilyMart through i-bon machines. Please consult our website for more information under Tourism > Transportation > By Train
    or Taiwan Railway Administration website
    Option 2 by bus/train:
    Bus/Train combination from Taipei to Xincheng:
    Travelling from Taipei to Xincheng station via a combination of bus (from Taipei to Luodong) and train (from Luodong to Xincheng) takes roughly 3 hours and does not require any advance ticket reservations.
    A number of bus companies provide transport from Taipei to Luodong (~1 hour):
    - Capital Bus #1570 from MRT Taipei City Hall (every 10-15 minutes):
    - Kou-kuang Bus #1879 from MRT Yuanshan, MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Stations (every 15-20 minutes):
    - Kamalan Bus #1917 from MRT Banqiao, Taipei Main, MRT Technology Building Stations (every 15-20 minutes):
    - MTC Bus #9028 from MRT Dapinglin, MRT Xindian Stations (every 30-45 minutes):
    From Luodong, local (Qu Jian Che), semi-local (Fuxing Hao), semi-express (Chu-Kuang), and express (Tze-Chiang Limited, Tze-Chiang Ltd. 3000, Taroko or Puyouma) trains travel to Xincheng averaging 45-87 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter; alternatively, you can also use the Taipei Metro EasyCard, iPass, or iCash to pay the fare at the ticket barrier.

    Note: Express trains (Tze-Chiang Ltd. 3000, Puyuma, Taroko), sightseeing trains, group trains, etc. cannot be boarded without tickets. Violators will need to pay for tickets and be charged an additional 50% of the ticket fare. The above mentioned trains are not allowed to use the Taipei Metro EasyCard, iPass, or iCash to pay the ticket fare.
    Option 3 by bus:
    Bus from Taipei to Xincheng train station-Taroko National Park:
    Travelling from Taipei to Xincheng station by bus (from Taipei to Xincheng train station) takes roughly 3 hours and does not require any advance ticket reservations.
    A number of bus companies provide transport from Taipei to Xincheng train station (3 hrs) or Hualien (3.5 hours):
    - Taipei Bus #1071 from Taipei Nangang Bus West Station:
    - Capital Bus #1580 from Taipei Banqiao Bus Station:
    - U Bus #1663 from Taipei MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Stations (West):
    Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter; alternatively, you can also use the Taipei Metro EasyCard, iPass, or iCash to pay the fare at the ticket barrier.
    Bus timetalbes are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator/ Taipei Bus, or Capital Bus, or Ubus  
    Transportation: (A)From Hualien train Station to Taroko National Park or (B) From Xincheng-Taroko Station to Taroko National Park. Please consult News > FAQ on our website. News/ FAQ: “Transportation: Where can I purchase day passes for buses to Taroko National Park?” for more detail.