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The Mt. Bilu Day Ascent and Bilu-Yangtou traverse trails’ trailhead from 820 Forestry Road will reopen for online application starting on December, 9, 2021.

  • Updated:2021-12-10
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  1. Taroko National Park Headquarters has already provided an alternative route that circumnavigates a landslide at the entrance of 820 Forestry Road. For your safety, hikers are advised to not risk crossing the landslide on 820 Forestry Road. 
  2. The entrances and exits of the substitute route on the higher section are explained as follows. There are relevant guided signs No. 1-25 along the way to Mt. Bilu. All hikers are advised to follow the directional signs.


A: Go up the stairs next to Dayuling parking lot (intersection of the Provincial Highway 8 and 14A).

B: A wooden ladder is located at 0.3 kilometers along the 820 Forestry Road.

News issued by Taroko National Park Headquarters