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ManagementMt. Hehuan Service Station
Recreation ZoneMt. Hehuan Recreation Area
RemarkUsing public transportation is recommended.
Phone Number04-25991195

At an altitude of 1,644m, Xinbaiyang belongs to Mt. Hehuan service station managerial area. Taroko National Park maintains a parking lot and public restrooms providing a location for tourists to have a short break.

This area features young plicated layers due to unstable schist strata forming the tall and sharp-angular mountain peaks during the geological formation, which lead to a steep and variable landform with plicated layers.

Overlooking the Taci Jili River valley, upstream of the Liwu River, the river twists and turns in the deep valley. The scenery is comparable to that lower in Taroko Gorge. This part of the river course is called “Liwu River’s 
Winding and Deeply-cut River Course.”

Service Facitilies
Parking Lot. Viewing Deck.
Traffic Information
BusFrom East Taiwan: From Hualien Train Station take Hualien Bus #1141(only serviced once daily) to Lishan alight at Xinbaiyang station. Hualien Bus Phone Number: 03-8323485. Please check Hualien bus schedule on the website. Hualien Bus Timetable
Or bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator Hualien Bus 1141. Please check English/ Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator/ Hualien Bus #1141 bus
DrivingDriving by private cars:
To get there, drive northbound from Hualien via Provincial Highway 9 through Xincheng to connect to Provincial Highway 8 in the direction of toward Dayuling and Mt. Hehuan.