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Huoran Pavilion

  • Last Updated:2022-05-13
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ManagementTianxiang Service Station
Recreation ZoneTianxiang Recreation Area
Remark1. Due to the severe collapse caused by typhoons in the past years, the section of the trail open to the public is only 500m downwards from the western entrance of Huoran Pavilion. If you walk to a closed section, please return via the same route.
2. As the trail is steep, please evaluate your physical condition before hiking.
3. Restrooms only available in Tianxiang, and none available along the way.
Phone Number03-8691466

Tianxiang Service Station
After driving from Tianxiang to Huitouwan for 8km upwards, you will see a vast view. The Chinese-style pavilion on the way is Huoran Pavilion, which is situated at an elevation of 1,000m and provides a great panoramic view. From here, you can overlook layers of mountains and river terraces. If you look in the direction of Tianxiang, you will see Liwu River meandering between Mt. Sanjiaozhui and Mt. Ta. On your left, you will see Xibao river terraces. If you look down along the steep ridgeline from the lookout pavilion, you will see Wahei’er River and Taci Jili River confluence and to the left you will see the rushing Dasha River.

Perched aloft, Huoran Pavilion can grasp every movement of the tribes in Tianxiang (formerly called Tabiduo) and easily monitor Xibao, Paomachang (“racecourse”), and neighboring mountain areas. Thus, the place was an important strategic location during the Japanese colonial period. Back then, the Japanese troops built a fort here as well, which was located on the high platform right across Huoran Pavilion, divided by the highway. Now, a tablet is erected here with four-character inscription “Yun Ting Yuan Tiao (Overlook from Yun Pavilion).”

Service Facitilies
Viewing Deck.
Traffic Information
BikeAs many big vehicles pass through the neighboring roads, please pay extra attention to the traffic safety.
Bus1. From Hualien station or Taroko National Park Headquarters, take a Hualien Bus bound for Luoshao-1126 (serviced once daily), or Lishan-1141 (serviced once daily), and alight at Huoran Pavilion. #Hualien Bus Timetable
2. Or bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator Hualien Bus 1141 or 1126. Please check English/ Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator/ choose Hualien Bus)
DrivingTo get to Huoran Pavilion, drive westbound from Taroko through Xibao via Central Cross-Island Highway(Provincial Highway 8).