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COVID-19 Epidemic Level 2 Alert, Taroko National Park Opens Ecological Protection Areas

  • Updated:2021-08-11
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According to the guidelines of the Central Epidemic Command Center and the Construction and Planning Agency for Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia on August 9, 2021, "National Park Area Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic Alert Level 2 Recreational Visitor Outflow and Inflow Control Measures". Taroko National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the Taroko N. P. HQ) will be open (for half of the Carrying capacity) to all mountaineering trails in the ecological protection areas from August 10, 2021 to August 23, 2021.


Mountain Cabin will remain closed

Taking into account the maintenance of social distancing and the airtight characteristics of the mountain cabin, the mountain cabin remains closed for use except in the conditions of emergency survival situations, maintenance, necessary services, and medical and official business needs.


The opening conditions of mountaineering trails in the ecological protection area and other control areas:

A. Trails in the ecological protection area of the Taroko N. P.: applications are open for half of the Carrying capacity on according to the original rules.

B: Carrying capacity of Zhuilu Old Road: Application is open for the half of the carrying capacity according to the rules on regular bases.

C: Trails that did not have a carrying capacity control: The carrying capacity is limited to 50 people per day and open applications.

D: Other trails: During the epidemic period, applications via Mt. Qilai and Nanhu Mountains routes will be suspended.


Ask hikers to strengthen autonomous epidemic prevention

A: In accordance with the latest epidemic prevention guidelines of the Central Epidemic Command Center, maintain a safe social distancing of 1 meter outdoors and wear masks at all times. Meals in the camp should be separate eating time and be disinfected with alcohol.

B: Those who have applied for permits to the Taroko N. P. and belong to the "home quarantine and autonomous health management" announced by the command center should cancel or suspend their application for permits to the Taroko N. P.

C: Hikers are advised to strengthen the hygiene, cleaning and disinfection of each person. Except for family members living with the same family (the same tent), the camp tent is based on the principle of one person and one tent.


The epidemic alert has not been lifted, please check the epidemic together.

In addition, if the Hualien County Government or Xiulin Township Office has stricter epidemic control or closure measures, the Taroko N. P. HQ will also cooperate and follow the regulations. Due to the epidemic situation remaining at a Level 2 alert, tourists are still urged to comply with various epidemic prevention regulations. The Taroko N. P. HQ will also ask the Taorko Branch, Ninth Division, The Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior to assist in the anti-epidemic inspection. Hikers are advised to follow and actively cooperate with the relevant measures of epidemic prevention and regulations.