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Get ready; let’s hit the road!

  • Updated:2023-04-14
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Outdoor activities such as traveling abroad or domestic outings are increasing daily with the coming of spring and the ease of the pandemic. According to statistics from the Taroko National Park Headquarters, there have been 25 mountain accident rescue cases in the Park, and 49 people have been rescued since the start of the year (2023).


These 25 accident rescue cases in mountain areas, according to the itinerary plan, include 11 cases of multiple-day mountaineering activities and 14 cases of single ascent. The cause of these accidents: 9 cases were spur-of-the-moment trips with unfamiliar road conditions, lack of climbing gears, and getting lost; 8 cases of accidental injuries such as falls, tumbling injuries, and sprains, 7 cases of physical discomfort such as disease and altitude sickness. Due to a late return owing to weather factors, one case was reported by the emergency contact person.


Among the 14 cases one-day solo ascent (one-person trekking), 7 cases were lost due to unfamiliar road conditions (no offline maps) and insufficient climbing gears (without headlights). In the lost cases, one person climbed alone, and there was also a hiking group of 18 people. The rescue process is fast and safe. Even if there is only one person waiting for help, regardless of the different agencies and air support units, at least 4-6 rescue personnel must be dispatched to the front line for rescue.


The Taroko National Park Headquarters states that mountain activities are not just hit the road and go. In order to ensure the safety of yourself and your teammates, please try to avoid solo climbing, pay attention to your own health and physical fitness, and make proper planning and preparations to reduce the risk of climbing and the occurrence of mountain accidents.