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Chinese New Year Holiday, January 23-25, 2023 (2nd to 4th day of Chinese New Year) - Provincial Highway 8 - Central Cross-Island Highway traffic control info. Free Shuttle Bus Provided - Taroko National Park Visitor Center

  • Updated:2022-12-28
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Taroko National Park will offer a complimentary shuttle service during the Chinese New Year holidays. This service was prepared by the Taroko National Park Headquarters Administration office (hereinafter referred to as the Taroko N. P. HQ), with the cooperation of Hualien Motor Vehicles Office, Directorate General of Highways, Hualien County Government, Xiulin Township Office, Xincheng Township Office, and Xiulin Township Representative's office, Xincheng Township Representative's office, Hualien County Police Bureau Traffic Team, Police Xincheng Precinct, and the Sub-Taroko Branch, Ninth Division, the Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Agency. They have implemented traffic control and diversion measures during this period.


Diverse routes, quality itinerary combinations


Taroko N. P. HQ’s free shuttle buses will depart from the Taroko Visitor Center and the parking lot of the Buluowan Recreation Area. There are 1. Blueline (the Full Route from Taroko Visitor Center to Tianxiang, no stop at Buluowan); 2. Redline (Taroko Visitor Center - Buluowan Partial Line); 3. Greenline (Buluowan - Tianxiang Partial Line) and three routes in the park. The shuttle bus will stop at Shakadang, Buluowan- Buluowan Suspension Bridge, Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto), Jiuqudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns), Lushui, Tianxiang, and Changchun Shrine (Eternal Spring Shrine), etc. The free shuttle bus will provide convenient services for the public to tour various scenic spots and reduce the amount of vehicular congestion. The public can plan how long they will stay in the Taroko National Park. They can freely match different routes, allowing easy transportation to enjoy the scenery and save trouble finding parking spaces or traffic jams.


Buses offer well-matched services and alleviate the headache of finding parking spaces.


Due to the limited parking space at the service stations located in the Park, Taroko N. P. HQ has coordinated with the bus companies to increase the frequency of bus services. Tourists can drive, take TRA trains or buses to the Xincheng Railway Station. From there, tourists must change to Hualien Bus, Taroko Bus 302, and TaiwanTrip Bus- Taroko Route Ubus 310 bound for Taroko N. P. HQ Visitor Center, then change to the free shuttle buses at Taroko Visitor Center. You can also directly take these paid buses to the different scenic spots you wish to visit and enjoy the scenery.


Traffic controls are indispensable for the flow of traffic


The Central Cross-Island Highway is winding and twisting. The section between Taroko Arch Gate and Tianxiang is located in a narrow section that is traversable by single flow traffic. Chinese New Year is the peak season for the public to travel. Traffic control measures will be implemented on the Central Cross-Island Highway to reduce the influx and congestion of vehicles. From January 23-25, 2023 (2nd to 4th day of Lunar Chinese New Year), Provincial Highway 8 will have two control points at 185.4 km highway marker (Fushi village section) and 167.1 km (Tianxiang section) highway marker. The traffic control time is from 7 am to 3 pm. In principle, vehicle passage time shall be 10 minutes every two hours. At the Fushi Village Highway Bureau control point, cars can park in the outer lane, with the inner lane reserved for residents in the park (including residents of Fushi Village- west of the control point), staff in the control area, highway maintenance unit personnel and emergency repair cars. Vehicle passage control hours will be adjusted automatically according to the snow season control situation in the Mt. Hehuan area, the conditions of the Central Cross-Island Highway, and the parking lot availability of the recreational areas. Detailed control measures will be implemented according to the meeting of Hualien County Government's Road Traffic Safety Contact Committee, after which the resolution will be announced.


Exchange ID for entry cards, total control of tourist groups


Considering the needs of the tourism industry and the residents of the park, traffic controls of Class A (40-sitter) and B (Midsize) coaches (tourist buses) and business running cars are restrained by total volume. During the traffic control period, the Midsize or 40-seater buses are permitted access for 40 buses each at a time. Please go to Xincheng (Taroko) Railway Station to apply with the Taroko National Park on-site handling staff to get an entry permit card. Use any form of identification to exchange for a park entry permit from 7 am to 5 pm daily. 


The opening of traffic during the control period is to maintain the rights and interests of the road users from the east and west. Due to the narrow roads in the gorge section of the Central Cross-Island Highway and the limited parking space at various recreational areas, the control passage time will still be based on the conditions of the Central Cross-Island Highway traffic and various parking lots and adopt a flexible traffic control method to control the number of vehicles in the park. The Taroko N. P. HQ urged visitors to take public transportation as much as possible to avoid transportation danger and delays to your trip due to traffic congestion or waiting for parking spaces. People are urged to avoid driving into the park's recreational areas and reserve the road for people traveling east to west.


News issued by Taroko National Park Headquarters