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​Mt. Hehuan Snow Season Traffic Control Info

  • Updated:2018-12-27
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Mt. Hehuan Snow Season Traffic Control Info
Mt. Hehuan Snow Season Traffic Control in Place from January 1st, 2019 to March 3rd, 2019
  The snow season for the Mt. Hehuan area has been officially announced for 2019. To ensure smooth traffic flow and the safety of visitors during the snow season, Taroko National Park Headquarters and the Hualien and Nantou County governments will jointly implement the "Mt. Hehuan Snow Season Traffic Dispersal and Control Measures" that restricts the number of vehicles allowed into the Mt. Hehuan area in accordance with the actual situation.
  The measures will be implemented on January 1st, 2019 and cease on March 3rd, 2019--the enclosed period representing the dates of the snow season--and include the section of Provincial Highway 14A (14甲) between Dayuling and Cuifeng (via Xiaofengkou, Mt. Hehuan Visitor Center, Wuling, Kunyang, and Yuanfeng). In addition, the enforcement of this policy will affect snow routism during the Lunar New Year (2nd to 10th February, 2019) as well as traffic during weekends.

Specifically, the policy includes the following provisions:

  1. During the snow season, traffic control will be implemented when it snows or if there is significant snow accumulation. Traffic control will not be implemented in the absence of snow or snow accumulation. 
  2. The location of traffic control encompasses the section of Provincial Highway 14A (14甲) between Dayuling and Cuifeng (via Xiaofengkou, Mt. Hehuan Visitor Center, Wuling, Kunyang, and Yuanfeng), and traffic flow will depend on parking availability at each of the above landmarks, as well as the overall amount of traffic along the affected area of road.
  3. During the snow season, the road will be closed for snow ploughing in cases of heavy snow accumulation or ice present on the affection section of road. In these cases, only snowploughs and official vehicles are allowed within the section of traffic control, and the road is completely closed; all other vehicles (including all types of heavy-duty vehicles) are forbidden to enter this section of road. After the road has been cleared of snow and ice, vehicles fitted with snow chains will be provisionally allowed to enter subject to the current traffic controls. These factors include (i) the amount of snow currently accumulated; (ii) the current road sitaution; and (iii) whether the vehicle has 4-wheel drive capability. 
  4. During periods of heavy snow accumulation or ice present on the affection section of road, vehicles holding 20 or more persons, as well as trucks weighing over 3.5 tons are forbidden to pass between the affected section of road. If snow is not accumulating on the road, traffic will be flexibly regulated according to the current conditions. 
  5. If heavy snow accumulation or ice present on the affection section of road occur between 5:00pm to 7:00am the following day, the control measures will be subject to current conditions. Control measures may include the entire closure of the affected section of road. The traffic control measures for this period of time will be announced after 3:00pm on the affected day. 
  6. The Wuling to Mt. Hehuan Visitor Center section of Provincial Highway 14A (14甲) in particular has sharp turns, and ice may easily form on the road. Do not park on the cliff side of the road to maintain smooth and safe traffic flow.

  Taroko National Park Hehuan Service Station reminds visitors that, whether coming to the Mt. Hehuan area specifically for snow tourism or simply passing through areas where snow has accumulated, to be warmly dressed. All vehicles must be appropriately equipped for snow conditions, and drivers should consider whether their vehicle in general is suitable or capable for these snow conditions (e.g. the age, maximum horsepower, 4-wheel drive capability, sufficient oil and water levels, freeze-resistant capability, etc.). Snow chains are essential for driving in snowy conditions, and they can be bought or hired. Drivers should be versed in attaching and removing snow chains, and should review these procedures prior to their journey. 

  During the snow season, Mt. Hehuan Service Station will extend its interpretation and information services and has prepared a leaflet for visitors that contains safety information regarding cold weather when going to see the snow. Generally speaking, hiring/buying snow chains will cheaper before going up into the mountains.

  Removing rubbish from the mountains is particularly difficult during the snow season. The Taroko National Park Headquarters calls on visitors to be responsible for their own rubbish and dispose of it properly when leaving the mountains to help keep Mt. Hehuan clean and beautiful.