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Snow Chains required today for Provincial Highway 14A(Jia) 31km – 36km

  • Updated:2018-01-30
  • HitCount:849

Provincial Highway 14A(Jia) road closed has been cancelled and the road is reopen 18km(Cuifeng) – 41km(Dayuling) 7:00am today(January 30).
Due to the ice on the road, Provincial Highway 14A(Jia) is required tire chains to pass through from 7:00am on January 30, 2018, from Wuling(31km) to Xiaofengkou(36 km) For visitors safety, please put on tire chains.

Road users who are travelling from Hualien through Provincial Highway 8(traversing through Taroko gorge) and change Provincial highway 14A(Jia) at Dayuling, from Dayuling to Puli(Nantou) bound for Nantou or Taichuang would be required to install tire chains.
Road Maintenance Office: Taroko Maintenance Office +886-3-8610775, Puli Maintenance Office (TEL) 049-2802066
News issued by Directorate General of Highways, MOTC, Taroko Maintenance Office +886-3-8610775, Puli Maintenance Office (TEL) +886-49-2802066     
News posted by Taroko National Park Headquarters (TEL)+886-3-8621100 Ext 810-812