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  • Date:2021-11-16
  1. Booking Session and Quota

(1) There are six booking sessions daily for Buluowan Suspension Bridge. Please check the booking site for details.

(2) Buluowan Suspension Bridge is closed for maintenance on Mondays of the first and third week every month. (All services will remain open if the Monday falls on a public holiday, postponing the closure till Tuesday.)

(3) There are two types of booking: general public (each booking allows 1 - 10visitor(s)) and touring group (each booking allows 11-45 visitors). The total visitor quota for each session is listed on the booking site.

(4) Visiting Buluowan Suspension Bridge is free of charge.


  1. Online Application Method

(1) Online applications can be made one day before the intended visit at 12:00 pm and up to 14 days prior.  

(2) Two steps for booking:

     a: Step 1: Choose the date and time, fill in the applicant's name, ID number, mobile number, email, and the number of visitors. Then submit the form to obtain a booking number.

     b: Step 2: Within 24 hours after obtaining the booking number, the applicant must submit a visitors list. Go to the online booking system, use "Booking Inquiry" to search for your reservation, and then submit visitor information (name and ID/passport number). All visitor lists must be submitted before 12:00 pm the day before visiting, or the system will close the submit function. (For example, the visitor list of a reservation for October6 made at 7 am on October 5 must be submitted before 12 pm October 5.)

(3) If one fails to submit a visitors list on time, the system will automatically cancel the reservation.

(4)Online application system operating hours: 24 hrs. The updated time will be at 0:00 am daily.


  1. Booking cancelation and changes

(1) A booking cancelation or change can be made no later than one day at 12 pm before the intended visit. 

(2) Please go to the online application system to cancel a booking, use the "Booking Inquiry" function to search for your booking, and cancel it.

(3) Bookings can be changed once, except for the date, time of visit, and applicant's name. To change a booking, please go to the online application system, use the "Booking Inquiry" function to search for your reservation, then cancel it.


  1. Regulations for Violation

(1) If you fail to fill in the application information truthfully or use another person's identity for booking, Taroko National Park has the right to cancel the booking. 

(2) For bookings that failed to check-in, the applicants' reservation rights will be suspended for three months, starting from one day after the intended visit. The approved application will also be canceled, and the quota will be released. Bookings completed before the suspension will not be affected.

(3) If the application procedure is not completed within the time limit, the application will not be approved, and the system will directly release the quota.


  1. Notice

             (1)On-site standby queuing is available when booking and checking-in number not reaching the quota. Once the check-in counter closed, queuing visitors can start to enter until reaching the full quota. (For example, visitors queuing for the 11:00~11:45 session will start to enter at 11:20.)

(2) Check-in starts 10 minutes before each scheduled session. The team leader must supply the reservation QR code and the ID cards of all visitors for entry.

(3) Visitors who show up 20 minutes past the scheduled session will not be allowed to enter. Please pay special attention to the time. (For example, visitors booking the 11:00~11:45 session must check-in between 10:50 and 11:20.)

(4) During your visit to Buluowan Suspension Bridge, please cooperate with Covid-19 epidemic prevention regulations, maintain social distancing, or wear facial mask at all times. Visitors refusing to cooperate will be prohibited from entering or requested to leave.

(5) In the event of typhoon warnings, torrential rain, strong wind, escalation of COVID-19 epidemic alert, highway construction traffic controls, landslides, or other sudden major events that cause safety concerns for visitors to the area, Taroko National Park reserves the right to cancel all applications without further notice. 

            (6) For service and further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Buluowan Service Station, contact phone: +886-3-8612528 Ext. 14.