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  • Temperature:26 ℃
  • PoP:80%

Mt. Hehuan Service Station

  • Updated:2022-08-04
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ManagementMt. Hehuan Service Station
Recreation ZoneMt. Hehuan Recreation Area
Altitude3002 m

Mt. Hehuan (Hehuanshan) is situated at the west of Taroko National Park, as part of the northern region of Taiwan's Central Mountain Range. The area features several mountains over 3000 m tall, including Mt. Hehuan Main Peak, Hehuan North Peak, Hehuan West Peak, Hehuan East Peak and Mt. Shimen. During the Ice Age, Eurasia's animals began to migrate south. This, combined with the isolating effect of an island, has made Taiwan one of the most ecologically diverse areas on the Tropic of Cancer. On mountains over 3000 m tall, the even more isolated flora and fauna have also evolved into unique species. The Mt. Hehuan area is no exception, being home to a large variety of living organisms endemic to Taiwan.

The source of the Liwu, Dajia, and Zhuoshui rivers originate here. Signs of headward erosion are visible on the terrain, which is predominantly made up of loose slate weathered and broken by wind and snow. The height above sea level causes temperatures to differ widely between day and night, strong winds, and a clearly delineated four seasons. Average temperatures are 18-20 degrees below sea level temperatures. Since snow falls during winter, and the Wushe branch road of the Central Cross-Island Highway- Provincial Highway 14A (14 Jia)  crosses through Mt. Hehuan, it has become a popular spot to enjoy the snowy landscape.

Opening Hours
8:30 a.m.~16:30 p.m. Everyday
(closed the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month and the day before Lunar Chinese New Year) Open Holidays (If holiday falls on Monday then closed Tuesday.) If the road becomes blocked by rockfall, landslides, or heavy snow on the Provincial Highway 14A (14Jia), the service station will be closed. The snow season will be from December to February.

Mt. Hehuan Service Station has an exhibition hall, public restrooms and a vendor area. The exhibition hall displays navigational images and photographs of the high-altitude environment, as well as pressed flower specimens. The films Hua Zhi Song (Song of Flowers) and Dong Zhi Cang (Collection of the Winter) are also shown here. Service desk staff members at the station provide information about traveling in the Mt. Hehuan area.

Mt. Hehuan Service Station
Mt. Hehuan Service Station
Service FacitiliesService Station,Shop,Public Restroom,Phone,Parking Lot,Viewing Deck,Exhibition Hall,Message board,AED,Accessibile Restroom,Accessibile Parking
BicycleProvincial Highway 8 towards Taroko → Dayuling (change to Provincial Highway 14Jia (14A) → Xiaofengkou (Mt. Hehuan Service Station of Taroko N. P.) → Hehuan Visitor Service Center (Forestry Bureau) → Wuling → Kunyang → Qingjing Farm → Puli, Nantou County
BusHualien Bus Station: +886-3-8323485
Nantou Bus Puli Station: +886-49-2996147
DrivingProvincial Highway 8 towards Taroko→ Dayuling (change to Provincial Highway 14Jia (14A) → Xiaofengkou (Mt. Hehuan Service Station of Taroko National Park ) → Hehuan Visitor Service Station → Wuling → Kunyang → Qingjing Farm → Puli
ParkingA parking lot is available at the lower level of Mt. Hehuan Service Station.