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"2023 Taroko Gorge Music Festival" A lively debut on October 28th at Taroko Terrace

  • Updated:2023-10-16
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The “2023 Taroko Gorge Music Festival” will grandly take place on October 28th at Taroko Terrace. This year's theme is 'Echoes from the Mountains,' featuring performances by renowned groups such as U-Theatre Dance with Drums, the Taipei Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, indigenous singer Iki Tadaw (Yiji Dadao), Yihaw Lihang (Yihao Lihang), and the Gorge Dance Troupe. Through the fusion of nature and music and dance, we invite everyone to listen together to the echoes from the mountains


Indigenous peoples, symphony, U-Theatre performances are diverse content that promise an exciting experience

The Taroko National Park Headquarters announces that this year’s event is divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. The morning session is from 10:30 am to 12 noon, the afternoon session is from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm. The morning performances included performances by Truku tribe singer/songwriter Yihao, who won the first prize in the Aboriginal category of the 2020 Taiwan Original Pop Music Competition, the Gorge Music and Dance Group, and the Taipei Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.

Yihaw (Yihao) grew up in a traditional Truku tribe learning life skills from old hunters. This creativity and inspiration are rooted in his experiences in the tribe. On the day of the event, he will also perform the award-winning classic song, "Baswa ni Lihaw - The Little Hunter," using just a guitar and his heartfelt voice to sing about indigenous pride and spirit. The "Gorge Dance Troupe" is a professional dance group composed of local Truku youth, dedicated to promoting traditional Truku culture through artistic exchange. The Taipei Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra will perform with a 10-member ensemble.

The afternoon session will be mainly performed by U-Threatre. They will first walk from Shakadang via Xiaozuilu Trail “Cloud Walking” to Taroko Terrace at 1:30 pm, and then perform classics on the terrace surrounded by mountains and rivers from 3 pm to 4 pm. The track "Heart of Listening to the Sea" will also be performed in collaboration with Truku tribe Golden Melody Award-winning singer Iki Tadaw (Yiji Dadao). This is the return of U-Theatre Dance with Drums to Taroko Terrace after seven years since its performance at the Taroko Gorge Music Festival in 2016. The performance at the home venue of the Gorge Music Festival is particularly exciting. The cloud walking activity will also be open to the public. Starting from 2 pm on October 4, 2023 registration will be open through the online registration system on the official website of Taroko National Park - Serving the People. There are only 150 places, so you are welcome to sign up.


A reputable outdoor music feast

Director Yang, Jin-jen of the Taroko National Park Headquarters denotes that the Taroko Gorge Music Festival was first held in 2002 and this year has entered its 21st year. It has become a well-regarded outdoor music event. This year's festival aims to offer a unique experience, different from previous editions. It has introduced the cloud walking activities by U-Theatre and set up a low stage without a backdrop in the performance area. This design allows for closer interaction between performers and the audience and a more seamless integration with the beautiful surrounding landscape. The goal is to use music as a guide to lead everyone into the national park, allowing them to experience the natural and cultural beauty of the national park.


Visitors are welcome to use the free and convenient shuttle service

For the convenience of everyone attending the Taroko Gorge Music Festival and to maintain the quality of the performances, there will be traffic control measures in place in Taroko National Park on October 28th from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, prohibiting vehicle access. The Taroko National Park Administration has also prepared a comprehensive transportation shuttle plan. In coordination with the festival schedule, free shuttle services for the public will be available between Xincheng (Taroko) Station and the Taroko Gorge Music Festival venue, starting from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm, with an average frequency of one shuttle every 10 minutes. During the lunch period, there will also be a stop at the Taroko gas station near Taroko Arch Gate (the Entrance of Taroko) for the convenience of festivalgoers looking to dine.

On the day of the event, some Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) trains will make additional stops at Xincheng Station. Attendees can either take the train to Xincheng (Taroko) Station and alight there or drive to Xincheng (Taroko) Station and transfer to the free shuttle service. In addition, to ensure that people with mobility challenges can also participate in the Taroko Music Festival, there are special low-floor buses providing free shuttle services. The event venue also includes accessible seating areas to accommodate people of all ages, ensuring that everyone can join in the festivities.

As the Taroko Gorge Music Festival is a large outdoor concert where the audience sits on the ground, the Taroko National Park Administration advises participants to wear lightweight and comfortable clothing on the day of the event. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own mats, water bottles (water refill stations will be available), hats, raincoats, and sunscreen. The screening room at the Taroko Visitor Center will also temporarily stop playing videos on that day. For more event information, please visit the official website or Facebook page of the Taroko National Park.