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No Swimming in Rivers  禁止於溪中游泳
Watch out for Wasps and Snakes小心峰蛇
Small rockslides often precede larger rockslides.小落石是大落實的前兆
Parking space limited. If no parking space available, please drive 1km eastwards to Taroko National Park Headquarters instead.本停車場空間有限如車位已滿,請停至管理處停車場
Danger. Do NOT swim. The water is swift and there is a strong undertow. Several drownings have occurred here. For your safety, please stay out of the water. Thank you for your cooperation.此處水流湍急,暗流甚多,每年均有人員在此溺水,為確保您的安全,請勿游泳,謝謝您的合作。
If there is a rockslides or you hear the sound of a rockslide, and you are unable to get away, immediately push yourself against the cliff wall and cover your head with your hands.於落石或有落石聲,而無法快速離開時,應緊靠山壁雙手抱頭蹲下。
Beware of falling rocks.注意落石