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Beware of Rockslides注意落石
Watch For Falling Rocks小心落石
Watch out for falling rocks.注意落石
Proceed carefully, Loose Rock Strata屑岩慢行
The north opening of the Chingshui Tunnel清水隧道北口
The south opening of the Chingshui Tunnel清水隧道南口
Bring all your valuables with you. Please do not keep in the car.貴重物品,請小心保管
No Hunting 禁止打獵
Cars are not allowed to entry beach area.禁止任何車輛進入沙灘。
No hunting, 禁止狩獵
No hunting, fishing, plunking plants. No picking or collecting rocks and wood at the beach.禁止狩獵、捕捉魚類、採集花木、檢拾石頭、漂流木。
No fishing. 禁止捕捉魚類