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  • PoP:10%
Provincial Highway 9 and 9D (9 Ding) Road Construction Traffic Control Information for October 20232023-09-28
Provincial Highway 8, 9, 9D and 14A Road Construction Traffic Control Information for September 20232023-08-31
Tianxiang and monkeys share happiness. The second floor of Intertek 7-11 and the lobby of Tianxiang Service Station are open for indoor dining.2023-08-29
Provincial Highway 8, 14A, and 9 Road Repair Construction Traffic Controls Info2023-08-18
Disaster repairs are completed on Baiyang Trail. It will reopen on August 15, 2023.2023-08-11
Due to the Xipan Dam section at 179.5km highway marker on Provincial Highway 8 the serious landslide emergency road repair work, only Taroko Bus 302 service is available between Taroko National Park Headquarters visitor center and Tianxiang. 2023-08-07
Provincial Highway 8, 14A and 9 Road Construction Traffic Control Information2023-07-31
Due to the Typhoon Doksuri, the Taroko Visitor Center, Buluowan and Tianxiang Service Stations are closed today (July 27, 2023)..2023-07-27
All trails within the Taroko National Park Ecological Protection Area and other controlled zones closed from 4:00 pm, July 4th, 2023 due to incoming Typhoon DOKSURI.2023-07-25
Provincial Highway 8, 14A, 9, and 9D Road Construction Traffic Control Information for July 2023.2023-07-04
A Marble Refuge Mountain Cabin will be built at Taroko Qilai East Ridge Trail to Improve Mountaineering Safety. Mt. Hehuan Xiaofengkou parking lot will temporarily close for the construction project from July 2nd, 2023 to July 12th, 2023.2023-07-01
Provincial Highway 8, 9 and 9D Road Construction Traffic Control Information for June 2023.2023-06-02