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Mt. Bilu

  • Last Updated:2024-03-24
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  • Mt. Bilu Trail
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ManagementMt. Hehuan Service Station
Trail LevelGrade 4
Permits RequiredPark Entry Permit Required
The length of the trail10400Meter
Needed time 8-10 hours
Remark1. Hikers need to traverse the entirety of the 820 Forest Road before reaching the trailhead of Mt. Bilu (~2.5 hours). The trail is well-marked and is not difficult to find and follow.
2. Hikers do not need a Mountain Access Permit for the trail: this policy is as of February 2020.
3. Due to the landslide at the entrance of 820 Forestry Road, the entrance to the 820 Forest Road substitute route is located at Dayuling (the stairs next to Dayuling parking lot) starting in December 2021.
Phone Number04-25991195


The Mt. Bilu Day Ascent and Bilu-Yangtou traverse trails' trailhead from 820 Forest Road reopened starting from 9 December, 2021

  1. Due to the landslide at the entrance of 820 Forestry Road, the Taroko N. P. HQ has already provided a higher substitute road. Hikers are advised follow the signs. Do not go across the original route collapsed section of 820 Forest Road for your safety. 
  2. The entrances and exits of the substitute roads of 820 Forest Road on the higher section are explained as follows. There are relevant guided signs No. 1-25 along the way to Bilu Mountain. All hikers are advised to follow the directions signs. 

           A: The stairs next to Dayuling parking lot (intersection of the Provincial Highway 8 and 14A) go up.

           B: The wooden ladder is located at 0.3 kilometers along the 820 Forest Road.

Trail Introduction
Since the completion of the 820 Forest Road that leads from the parking lot at Dayuling directly to the trailhead, Mt. Bilu can be hiked in a single day (out-and-back). After traversing 8 km of the Forest Road (~3 hours by foot), the trail steeply and unrelentingly ascends up the mountainside. At the Mt. Bilu trailhead, there is a small stream that hikers can obtain water, and is the only water source for the entirety of the trail. During the late spring, delicate azaleas cover the landscape surrounding the trail.

Mt. Bilu is surrounded by other well-known mountains. Traversing northwards, hikers can ascend Mt. Lingming and Mt. Wuming (North Section 2) as well as reaching Mt. Zhongyangjian and Mt. Nanhu (North Section 1) further northbound, delineating the entirety of the Central Mountain Range Grand Traverse . Note that this route is exceedingly difficult to complete.




Stop 1: 820 Forest Road 
The aptly-named 820 Forest Road is 8.2 kilometers long, and was constructed for the extraction of forest resources.



Stop 2: Large Collapsed Valley (Dabenggu)
At the end of the 820 Forest Road, hikers will need to bypass around a large collapsed valley before continuing onto the Mt. Bilu trail.




Service Facitilies
Traffic Information
Bus1. From Hualien Station, take a bus bound for Lishan-1141 (served one bus daily) and alight at Dayuling Stop.
2. From the west entrance: The entrance to the substitute route of 820 Forestry Road is at Dayuling bus stop, which is serviced by Hualien Bus 1141
3. Bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search> Search by Bus Operator> Hualien Bus 1141
4. Please consult News > FAQ on our website. “Transportation: Where can I purchase day passes for buses to Taroko National Park?.” and “Transportation: How can I reach Mt. Hehuan from Hualien?”
Driving- From Hualien and Taroko: Travel westwards along the Central Cross-Island Highway (Provincial Highway 8).
- From Puli, Nantou (Sun Moon Lake): Travel eastwards along Provincial Highway 14 and connect towards Provincial Highway 14A (14Jia) upon reaching Ren’ai Township). When you reach the end of the highway at Dayuling, the entrance to the 820 Forest Road substitute route just follows up the stairs next to Dayuling parking lot. The Mt. Bilu Day Ascent and Bilu-Yangtou traverse trail's trailhead from 820 Forest Road rerouted in December 2021. Do not go across the original route collapsed section of 820 Forest Road for your safety.