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  • PoP:40%

Bilu Sacred Tree

  • Last Updated:2024-03-24
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  • Gazebo in the Recreation Stronghold of Bilu Sacred Tree
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  • Resting chair of the Bilu Sacred Tree recreation base
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  •  Bilu Sacred Tree Recreation Base Sign
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  • The Bilu Sacred Tree people flow endlessly
ManagementMt. Hehuan Service Station
Recreation ZoneMt. Hehuan Recreation Area
Phone Number04-25991195

Situated at the 128km mark on the Central Cross-Island Highway, Bilu Sacred Tree is a Lunta Fir (Cunnhamia lanceolata var. konishii,). This tree is 3,200 years old and about 50m high with a diameter of 3.5m. Situated between Ci'en and Bilu, Bilu Sacred Tree is the largest old tree along the Central Cross-Island Highway.

Among Taiwan's native trees, the Lunta fir is the tallest. They can exceed more than 70 meters and can be used for reforestation.

Because the topography near Bilu Sacred Tree is very complex, the temperature increases with altitude and it is often crowned with clouds and mist, various tree species are intermingled here. The highest layer of the forest is conifers such as Chinese spruce (Picea morrisonicola Hayata.), Taiwan hemlock [Tsuga chinensis (Franch.) Pritz. ex Diels var. formosana (Hayata) Li,] and Lunta fir. Below them are evergreen broadleaf species with some deciduous species mixed in.

Service Facitilies
Food and Drink. Public Restroom. Phone. Parking Lot.
Traffic Information
Bus1. From East Taiwan: From Hualien Train Station or Taroko National Park Headquarters take Hualien Bus #1141 (only serviced once daily) to Lishan alight at Bilu Sacred Tree station. Please confirm the bus timetable ahead in case of any changes. Hualien Bus Phone Number: 03-8338147. Bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator Hualien Bus 1141. Please check English/ Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator/ Hualien Bus #1141 bus
2. Please consult News > FAQ on our website. [Link]“Transportation: How can I reach Mt. Hehuan from Hualien?”
Driving1. From Taroko follow the Central Cross-Island Highway (Provincial Highway 8) westward to Bilu Sacred Tree at 126 km highway marker.
2. From Mt. Hehuan (Provincial Highway 14A) to Dayuling, and change Provincial Highway 8 from Dayuling areas, follow the Central Cross-Island Highway eastwards to 126 km.
ParkingParking available