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Qingshui Cliff

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ManagementSuhua Service Station
Recreation ZoneTaroko Recreation Area
Phone Number03-8621100 ext321、322

Situated between Heren and Chongde on the Su-Hua Highway, Qingshui Cliff is a big formed by Chongde, Qingshui and Heping mountain coastal cliffs. Creating a magnificent scene, it stretches more than 21km and rises vertically from the Pacific Ocean, with an average height of over 800m. This section of cliff is composed of gneiss and marble. It has risen straight up on the eastern coast of Taiwan for thousands of years. The route along the Qingshui Cliff is the only coastal road in Taroko National Park. The site of the Qingshui Cliff was designated in 1953 by the Taiwan government as one of the island's "Eight Wonders."

Among these cliffs, the east-south cliff of Mt. Qingshui is the steepest. The cliff facing the sea is 5km long and is very spectacular. Driving a car between cliff and the boundless ocean it almost feels like you are flying. The enormous cliff above combined with the boundless ocean below, reminding us of the hardships faced by the workers who built the road.

Service Facitilies
Public Restroom. Parking Lot. Viewing Deck. Message board.
Traffic Information
BusVisitors can only reach Qingshui Cliff by private transportation. Note that there is no direct bus to Qingshui Cliff:
Qingshui Cliff stretches 21 km along the Suhua Highway (Provincial Highway 9); visitors planning to go to Qingshui Cliff can park at the Chongde North Opening Car Park located just after the Chongde Tunnel Opening north, located 12 km (15 minutes) from the National Park Headquarters.
Public transportation to Qingshui Cliff is time-consuming. The nearest TRA train station to Qingshui Cliff is Chongde which is located 30-40 minutes away/walking time.
Hualien #1132 Bus arrives only at Chongde. There are 6 buses from Hualien train station bound for Chongde. The bus timetables are 5:20, 8:10,11:50, 15:30,16:20, 17:30. From Chongde bound for Hualien train station, bus timetables are 06:20, 9:40, 13:20, 17:00, 18:00, 19:10. It takes about an hour and 10 minutes bus time to reach between Hualien and Chongde. Please confirm the bus timetable ahead in case of any changes. Hualien Bus Company contact phone is +886-3-8323485.
From Chongde to “Chongde Tunnel North Opening” observation platform(exit the Chongde Tunnel North Opening), this road section takes about 1.8 kilometers/30 minutes walking time. Walking on Provincial Highway 9 is dangerous and unpleasant. Please mind safety and beware of frequent traffic on the highway. Visitors are advised to rent a scooter or take a taxi from Xingcheng train station. There is no hiking trail from Taroko Visitor Center, Hualien, Xincheng or Chongde to Qingshui Cliffs. Visitors only can walk on Provincial Highway 9 to reach Qingshui Cliffs. Note that the Hualien #1132 Bus does not alight at Xincheng railway station. The bus stop is on Provincial Highway 9 which is about 600 m away from Xincheng railway station.
DrivingDriving eastwards from Taroko National Park Headquarters will take about 15 minutes by car (12 km) to the Chongde Tunnel North Opening car park (next to the Provincial Highway 9- Su-hua Highway). Visitors can take a beautiful Qingshui Cliff photos at the observation platform next to car park.