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Lushui-Wenshan Trail

  • Last Updated:2023-03-22
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ManagementTianxiang Service Station
Trail LevelLevel 3
The length of the trail5500Meter
Needed time 5.5 hours (thru-hike) one way
Remark1. The terrain of the trail is long and mostly steep. Those without a good level of fitness should not attempt the hike. If the trail is closed, do not force your way in.
2. The trail can be entered from Lushui or Wenshan (Taishan Tunnel located at km 164.1 on the Provincial Highway 8. The trailhead starts at 164.5 km) Please check your transportation arrangements and beware of the weather conditions before proceeding.
Phone Number03-8691162

Lushui Wenshan Trail: Near Wenshan is the Lushui Wenshan Trail, which spans 5.5 km through a low elevation subtropical broadleaf forest, and is considered a mountaineering trail. Part of the trail was used by soldiers during the Japanese occupation. The trailhead is located inside the Taishan Tunnel on the Central Cross-Island Highway at 167 km.

Lushui Wenshan Trail was used by the Truku tribe as well as the Japanese during their occupation. Hikers can observe rich forest ecology, living organisms on the limestone walls, and from one section on the mountain’s ridge, one can view the distant Central Cross-Island Highway, Wenshan, and Lushui.

Wild animals sometimes appear on the trail; please be careful and do not approach them. Since the trail is quite long and features large variations in height, as well as partially narrow and dangerous sections, hikers should evaluate their own level of fitness and experience before proceeding. Please contact the Tianxiang Service Station at (03)8691162 with any related questions.

Traffic Information
Bus1. From Hualien Railway Station, take Hualien Bus 1126 (at 6:30 am) or 1141 (8:40 am) bound for Luoshao-1126 or Lishan-1141 and alight at Wenshan bus stop arriving at 7:58 am and 10:13 am respectively. (1126 and 1141 - served only one bus daily each)
2. From Xincheng Railway Station, take Taroko Bus 302 or take an Ubus 310 or a Hualien Bus 1133 bound for Tianxiang and alight at Tianxiang bus stop, and then walk west on Provincial Highway 8 for about 2 km.
3. From Tianxiang: Take Buses 302, 310, 1126, 1133, or 1141 (bound for Hualien or Xincheng), and alight at Lushui.
4. Please consult News > FAQ on our website. “ Transportation: Where can I purchase day passes for buses to Taroko National Park?.”
**Suggestion: Begin the trail from the Wenshan trailhead and exit at Lüshui. Buses are available near Lüshui on Provincial Highway 8. If you are arriving by motorcycle or car, be sure to arrange appropriate transportation upon exiting the trail.
DrivingFrom Hualien, take Hwy. No. 9, passing by (Hwy. No. 8) Taroko, Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto), Lushui, Cimu Bridge, and Tianxiang to reach Wenshan (at the 165.1 km point on Hwy. No. 8).