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  • A grand view of short Yushan arrow bamboo(.jpg)
  • A Wuling Landmark at 3275 m (.jpg)
  • Overlooking Mt. Kaluolou from Wuling(.jpg)
  • Yushan Arrow Bamboo (Cane) at Wuling(.jpg)
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  • Cycling up to Wuling at 3275 m(.jpg)
  • Wuling overlooks Hehuan Mountain
  • Wuling
  • Public toilets below Wuling
  • Wuling overlooks Mt. Shimen Trail
  • Wuling Observation Deck
  • Wuling Parking Lot
ManagementMt. Hehuan Service Station
Recreation ZoneMt. Hehuan Recreation Area
Phone Number04-25991195

At a altitude of 3275 meters, Wuling is to the north of Kunyang and is the highest spot of Taroko. Except to the west, there is a clear view of the surrounding mountains. The platform on the east side provides the most suitable place to view the scenery. The mountain landscape varies. It is the highest point on any Taiwan highway.

From April to June every year, if the weather permits, the Southern Cross Star can be observed. Wuling is positioned on the saddle between the main peak (3416m) and east peak (3421m) of Mt. Hehuan. The view of the peaks of Mt. Hehuan, and the Yushan cane (Yushan Arrow Bamboo) clad slopes is magnificent.

When it snows during the winter, countless cars filled with excited people come to admire the lovely sight of Mt. Hehuan clad in white Mt. Hehuan is the best known place to see and play in snow in Taiwan. The area is famous for its name "Snow land".

Service Facitilies
Public Restroom. Parking Lot.
Traffic Information
Bus1. From East Taiwan (Westbound): From Hualien Train Station or Taroko National Park Headquarters take Hualien Bus #1141 (served one bus daily) to Lishan alight at Dayuling station. Hualien Bus Phone Number: 03-8338147.
Hitchhike is not uncommon. There is no bus between Dayuling - Xiaofengkou road section.
2. Please consult News > FAQ on our website. [Link]“Transportation: How can I reach Mt. Hehuan from Hualien?”
3. From West Taiwan, Taichung (Eastbound): A series of 3 buses connects Taichung to Songxue Lodge. Leg 1: Taichung bus station – Puli (Nantou Buses #6670 via Taichung HSR Station (Taichung – Puli), 70 mins); Leg 2: Puli – Qingjing Farm (Nantou Bus #6658, 70 mins); Leg 3: Qingjing Farm – Songxue Lodge (Nantou Bus #6658A, 50 mins). Nantou Bus Company recommends visitors to take Bus #6670 leaving Taichung Gancheng Bus Station at 08:20 and 11:15 (Taichung HSR Station at 08:40 and 11:35 respectively) to be able to reach Songxue Lodge at 11:50 and 15:30 respectively. Sample itineraries are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator Nantou Bus #6670, #6658, and 6658A. Or #Nantou Bus Company website (Chinese version only). Please confirm the above schedules directly with Nantou Bus Company in case of any recent changes. Nantou Bus 6658A reservation telephone: +886-49-2984031 ext. #17. No bikes are allowed to the 20-sitter bus.

Nantou Bus #6658, a final stop is Xiaofengkou, about 10 minutes bus time from Songxue Lodge - Xiaofengkou. Please book Songxue Lodge in advance. Room Booking: [Link], TEL:+886-49-2802980
DrivingDriving by private cars:
From East Taiwan: To get to Wuling (3275 m), drive on Provincial Highway 9 from Hualien and connect Provincial Highway 8 westbound to Taroko, Dayuling and transfer to Provincial Highway 14A or 14Jia for Xiaofengkou- Mt. Hehuan Service Station (3002 m), Songxue Lodge (3150m) and Wuling (3275 m). It takes about 3 - 3.5 hours driving.
From West Taiwan: From Nantou County to Mt. Hehuan, depart from Puli (Provincial Highway 14) in the direction of Qingjing Farm and pass through Wushe (Provincial Highway 14Jia), Qingjing Farm, Kunyang and Wuling. Wuling is 1 kilometer west of Songxue Lodge.