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Taroko Visitor Center

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ManagementInterpretation & Education Section
Recreation ZoneTaroko Recreation Area
Altitude60 m
TEL+886-3-8621100 ext 360-361, 811- 812, 801 - 806

Opening Hours: 08:30 am -17:00 pm 
Closed: Monday of the second week every month, and Chinese New Year's Eve (NB: All weeks begin on a Sunday. All services will be open if the Monday falls on a public holiday, postponed closure day on Tuesday.)

Travel Services & Information:
Telephone: (03) 8621100 (Ext. 360, 361, 801-806, 811)
Reservations for film presentation and outdoor guided tours are not available on holidays.
The outdoor guided tours are available for 1. Parties of 15-80 with their own transport. 2. Bookings by profit-making travel businesses like travel agents and bus companies will not be accepted. 3. Educational outdoor guided tours give priority to academic, non-commercial groups. 4. The outdoor interpretation guided service is mainly included only from Taroko to Tianxiang section on the Central Cross-Island Highway (Provincial Highway 8) and Chongde to Heren boundary on the Su-hua Highway (Provincial Highway 9)  near by scenic spots except for Zhuilu Old Road or other mountaineering trails. 
Contact information:
1. Mailing address: 291 Fushi, Fushi Village, Xiulin Township, Hualien County 972003, Taiwan, R.O.C.
2. Email address:
3. Telephone: 886-3-8621100-6 Ext. 801-806
4. Fax: 886-3-8621263 (Interpretation & Education Section)
Service FacitiliesVisitor Center,Shop,Food and Drink,Public Restroom,Phone,Parking Lot,Viewing Deck,Bus Station,Message board,Apron,AED,Accessibile Restroom,Accessibile Parking
BicycleProvincial Highway 9 → Provincial Highway 8 towards Taroko National Park Headquarters → Changchun(Eternal Spring) Shrine → Xipan Tunnel → Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) → Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong) → Lushui → Tianxiang
The Central Cross-Island Highway begins to ascend (heading westwards) and narrows towards Tianxiang. As large vehicles often travel the highway, please pay extra attention to traffic safety.
Bus1. From Hualien station, take buses, TaiwanTrip Ubus 310, Hualien Bus 1133 bound for Tianxiang, Luoshao-1126, or Lishan-1141, and alight at Taroko Natioanl Park Headquarters visitor center.
2. From Xincheng station take buses, Ubus 310, or Taroko 302 Bus (Electric bus), or Hualien Bus 1133 bound for Tianxiang and alight at Taroko National Park Headquarters visitor center.
3. From Tianxiang: Take buses, Ubus 310, or Hualien Bus #1133 bound for Taroko N. P. HQ and TRA Hualien station. Or take a Taroko Bus 302 bond for Taroko National Park Headquarters visitor center and Xincheng train station.
4. Please consult News > FAQ on our website. FAQ, “ Transportation: Where can I purchase day passes for buses to Taroko National Park?.”
5. Bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator Ubus #310, or Hualien Bus 1133, 1126, 1141, or Taroko Bus 302.
DrivingProvincial Highway 9 → Provincial Highway 8 towards Taroko National Park Headquarters
ParkingBicycles, scooters, cars and buses parking lot available