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Carbon Reduction at the 2023 Taroko Gorge Music Festival. Free shuttle bus! No flags, brochures, or bottled water.

  • Updated:2023-10-27
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The 2023 Taroko Gorge Music Festival will be held on Saturday, October 28, at Taroko Terrace. This year's music festival features innovative program content and venue arrangements and introduces new practices for event promotion and associated services. This year, we have incorporated the "carbon reduction" concept into the event's organization and hope that friends attending the Taroko Gorge Music Festival can join us in this effort."


Take the free shuttle bus to attend the Gorge Music Festival. It is carbon-reducing and convenient.

"On October 28, the Taroko Gorge Music Festival will feature two sessions: a morning session from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm and an afternoon session from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm. Continuing the practice from previous years, the Taroko Headquarters has arranged free shuttle buses to transport the public between Xincheng Station and the Taroko Terrace. Additionally, they have coordinated with the Taiwan Railways Administration to have more stops at Xincheng Station to encourage everyone to use public transportation.

The free shuttle bus includes one green energy bus, which provides convenience for the attendees and helps maintain the quality of the performances and music enjoyment while solving parking and traffic congestion issues. Most importantly, it contributes to carbon reduction. Furthermore, to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges attending the event, two accessible buses have been arranged.


On the day of the event, traffic control will be implemented on Taroko Terrace from 8 am to 6 pm Cars and motorcycles are prohibited from entering. The Provincial Highway 8 is open to the road users. The Taroko Gorge Music Festival shuttle bus runs from Xincheng Railway Station to Taroko Terrace from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Buses will run approximately every 5 minutes, departing as soon as they are filled. During the noon period, the shuttle buses will also stop at the Taroko gas station, making it convenient for everyone to have a lunch break.


The details of the event to reduce carbon emissions and invite everyone to participate.

This year, in addition to the free shuttle buses, the event is changing the promotion methods. There will be no street lamp flags on the highway or printing of promotional brochures. Instead, promotion will primarily rely on online and news media. The stage for live performances at the event will not have a backdrop; it will showcase the natural mountain backdrop, bringing performers and the audience closer to nature and reducing resource consumption. Personal packaged drinking water for staff and participants will not be provided at the event site. For the staff's afternoon meal, we have switched to traditional snacks wrapped in shell ginger or banana leaves by the local Truku tribe, altogether avoiding plastic packaging."


Taroko National Park Headquarters has stated that they meticulously assessed items that can reduce resource consumption during the event planning process. This year, they attempted to change previous practices by minimizing carbon emissions in the event's details. On the other hand, we also hope to convey this idea to the general public through the Taroko Gorge Music Festival and invite everyone to participate in such actions.


Special reminder from The Taroko National Park Headquarters: On October 28, please bring your own water bottles (water refill stations will be available). You can also bring your mats, hats, and raincoats. Take the free shuttle bus from Xincheng Railway Station to Taroko Terrace to participate in the Gorge Music Festival!