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ManagementMt. Hehuan Service Station
Recreation ZoneMt. Hehuan Recreation Area
RemarkUsing public transportation is recommended.
Phone Number04-25991195

Dayuling is located at the altitude of 2, 565m on the saddle of Central Mountain Ranges main ridge between Mt. Hehuan and Mt. Bilu. It is the middle point of the Central Cross-Island Highway and directly on the intersection of Taichung City, Nantou County, and Hualien County.

The highway diverges into three directions here: towards Mt. Hehuan, to Lishan, and to Taroko National Park. Dayuling was once famous for being the center of commodity distribution. In earlier days, many farmers lived on both sides of the road, selling alpine vegetables and fruits. Under green mountains and white clouds, were the humble trading people and bustling rural markets. Now, due to the increasing awareness of environmental protection and different government policies, the majority of shops are no more.

On the way from Dayuling to Mt. Hehuan, the vegetation gradually presents its alpine characteristics. Due to the impact of forest fires, the forest on sun exposed slopes is mainly comprised of Taiwan red pine, while other plants are often short in stature and growing season. The survival of the latter species is often determined in one period of reproduction, which often vibrantly colors the warmest part of summer.

Service Facitilies
Public Restroom. Phone. Parking Lot.
Traffic Information
Bus1. From East Taiwan: From Hualien Train Station take Hualien Bus #1141(only serviced once daily) to Lishan alight at Dayuling station. (arriving at 11:45 towards Lishan; arriving at 15:54 towards Hualien Train Station). Please confirm the bus timetable ahead in case of any changes. Hualien Bus Phone Number: 03-8323485. Hualien Bus Timetable
2. Or bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator Hualien Bus 1141. Please check English/ Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator/ choose bus company Hualien Bus #1141 bus
DrivingTo get to Dayuling, drive westbound on Provincial Highway 8 from Hualien to Taroko, Dayuling (2565 m) . It takes about 2.5 - 3 hours car driving. (Hualien - 26km - Taroko National Park Headquarters - 79km - Dayuling)