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  • Temperature:27 ℃
  • PoP:10%

North Section 2

  • Last Updated:2024-02-26
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Trail LevelGrade 5
The length of the trail0Meter
Needed time 4-6 days
Remark1. The trail passes through the ridgeline cliff (稜線斷崖), the Ghost Gate cliff (鬼門關斷崖), and Wuming Cliff (無明斷崖), all of which are steep and dangerous. Please traverse these areas with caution.
2. The section of trail between Mt. Wuming and Mt. Wuming West Peak is closed due to landslide. Hikers are forbidden to access this section.
Service Facitilies
Traffic Information
BusThe nearest bus stop to the trailhead is Qingquan Bridge (Zhongyang Xi) “清泉橋 (中央溪)”, which is serviced by Bus 866 and 866區2 from Taichung City, and 1751 and 1764 from Yilan County.
DrivingVehicles can drive directly to Qingquan Bridge, which is located on Provincial Highway 7A (7Jia) in Heping District, Taichung City. From there, vehicles can drive into the 730 Forestry Road. Although 11.7 km marks the trailhead for North Section 2 and is officially the endpoint for vehicles, wider cars may not be able to pass between 8 – 9 km.