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Lushui Trail

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ManagementTianxiang Service Station
Trail LevelGrade 1
The length of the trail2000Meter
Needed time About an hour
Remark1. This trail is located in the natural wildness area. It is rich in ecology. Please pay attention to safety.
2. There is a 30 meters long tunnel in the middle of the trail. Please hold onto the rock wall and pass slowly.
3. The water is running swiftly. Swimming and river tracing is prohibited.
Phone Number03-8691162

Trail Introduction

Lüshui Trail used to be a part of the Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road. Because this part of the old trail was in good condition and possesses a rich landscape and ecosystem, National Park Headquarters designed a trail out of it. The trail is approximately 2m in width, which is about the same as the Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road’s width during the Japanese colonial period. The entire route is level and easy to travel, making it a scenic trail suitable for the whole family.

The trailhead is located next to Lüshui Geological Exhibition Hall. The trail features dense forests, cliffs, lithophytes (plants growing on rocks), and historic relics.


Lüshui used to be home to the Tuoyouen Clan of the Truku people. Meanwhile, the current Lushui Geological Exhibition Hall used to house Hualien County Taroko Scenic Area Administration Office, Taroko National Park Headquarters, and Sub-Taroko Division, Ninth Division, The Seventh Special Police Corps office in the early days. Normally, Lüshui Trail starts from Lüshui Geological Exhibition Hall, with the later part of the trail connecting to the gravel path, and ends near Heliu campground. 

Visitors generally start on the Lushui Trail from the trailhead that begins from the Lushui geological exhibition hall and comes out on the Central Cross-Island Highway just across from the Heliu Campground. The last 300 meters or so of this circuit will be along the highway back to the Lushui geological exhibition hall. (Due to the serious rockfalls damages at the cliff section so the trail will not be able to complete in a circuit.) 

Trail Story
Lüshui Trail used to be a part of the Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road. About 300 years ago, when the Truku people crossed Central Mountain Range and started residing along Liwu River, they traversed via the tribal roads among tribal villages, which formed the Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road.

The Truku War initiated by Japan was a series of attacks against the Truku people along the tribal roads. After the War, the Japanese continued to maintain the roads and established army and police outposts as well as education facilities along the trail in an attempt to control the Taroko region.

In 1927, Taroko was selected as one of Taiwan’s “Eight Scenic Treasures”. In 1932, Karenko Prefecture and Taichung Prefecture started to survey the Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road. In February, 1935, the road from Karenko Prefecture to Taichung Prefecture’s Wushe was finally open to traffic and renamed Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road.

The section from Heliu to Lüshui was renovated by Taroko National Park Headquarters into Lüshui Trail, which has preserved most of the historic trail.


Lushui Geological Exhibition Hall Introduction
This trailhead is next to the Lushui Geological Exhibition Hall. You can visit the exhibition hall before setting out for Lushui trail,   
There are eleven exhibits in this hall: a history of the earth’s evolution, the age of geology, tectonics: the creation of plates, the face of the land, a geologic history of the Liwu River Basin, geologic terraces, the formation of a gorge, the changes of stones, cliffs, gold dust in the region, and the formation of Taiwan.



Camphor Trees


The Short Suspension Bridge

A Short Tunnel

Notice  for visitors :

This tunnel is 30 meters long. After a turn, you will see the natural light. Please walk  slowly  and take  care.  A flash light is recommended.


The Cliff Section 


Commemorating Spirits Monument 


The Gravels Path


Service Facitilies
Shop. Food and Drink. Public Restroom. Parking Lot. Viewing Deck. Exhibition Hall.
Traffic Information
BikeThe Central Cross-Island Highway (Highway #8) begins to ascend (heading westwards) and narrows towards Lushui. As large vehicles often travel the highway, please pay extra attention to traffic safety.
Bus1. From Hualien station, take buses Ubus 310 or 1133 bound for Tianxiang, or Lishan-1141, and alight at Lüshui.
2. From Xincheng or Taroko National Park Headquarters station take a Ubus 310 or 1133 or Taroko Bus 302 bound for Tianxiang and alight at Lüshui.
3. From Xincheng or Taroko National Park Headquarters station take Ubus 310, 1133, or Hualien Bus 1141 bound for Tianxiang and alight at Lüshui.
4. Please consult News > FAQ on our website. FAQ, Transportation: Where can I purchase day passes for buses to Taroko National Park?.”
5. Bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search> Search by Bus Operator> Ubus #310, 310A and 1133, or Hualien Bus1141, or Taroko Bus 302.
DrivingFrom Taroko, follow the Central Cross-Island Highway (Highway 8) westwards about 17 km to the Lushui trailhead at 172 km. One can park your car at Lushui trailhead either at Heliu campground or on the upper terrace of Lushui. (Above the highway)
ParkingParking is available at Lushui either at Lushui lower terrace of the Central Cross-Island Highway Exhibition Hall or at the upper terrace of the Lushui.