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Cimu Bridge

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  • Overlooking the Orchid Pavilion
  • Red Bridge-Cimu Bridge
  • Laoxi Creek Bed Marble
  • Lanting Panorama
  • Beautiful surroundings of Cimu Bridge
  • Orchid Pavilion standing by the bridge
  • Close view of Cimu Pavilion
ManagementTianxiang Service Station
Recreation ZoneTianxiang Recreation Area
Phone Number03-8691466

Along Central Cross-Island Highway, after passing Jiuqudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns), you will arrive at Cimu Bridge(Motherly Devotion Bridge), which is an H-Shape hanging bridge with marble stone lions on each end and with marble lotus stones on two sides. The rock beneath the bridge looks like a frog. The frog-like rock is composed of black layer of schist at the top and white marble at the bottom. A pavilion was built on this frog rock, becoming the crown on the frog. This was built by late President Chiang Jing-guo, in memory of his mother, during construction of the road. Cimu pavilion area is on the east side of the bridge, built by late President Chiang Kai-shek, in memory of his mother, Mrs. Wang.

This area where Laoxi River flowing from the marble valley into Liwu River is called the "Heliu" which stands for "merging flows." The cliff has two different rocks layers. Going west after the turn, on the river terrace is the Heliu camping area. It has space for eleven tents (equipped with restrooms and cold showers). There is NT$ 300 charge per tent space and a first-come, first-served method operates. (There is no charge for Lushui campground 500 meters westward of Heliu campground equipped with washstand, outdoor tables and chairs, but no cold showers available.) Remember that the parking space is limited and that during summer vacation, holidays and weekend this will always be a very popular site for family outdoors activities. 

Please consult Tourism Info > Camping on our website. #<a href=" ">Camping</a>

Traffic Information
BikeThe Central Cross-Island Highway begins to ascend (heading westwards) and narrows towards Cimu Bridge. As large vehicles often travel the highway, please pay extra attention to traffic safety.
Bus1. From Hualien Station, take buses Tianxiang-1133, or Lishan-1141, Taroko-1129, or TaiwanTrip Bus 310 bound for Tianxiang, and alight at Cimu Bridge.
2. From Xincheng Station, take Taroko Bus 302 or take buses 310 or 1133 bus bound for Tianxiang, and alight at Cimu Bridge.
3. From Tianxiang: Take buses 302, 1133, or 310 (bound for Hualien or Xincheng), and alight at Cimu Bridge.
4. Bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search> Search by Bus Operator> UBus #310, 1133, 1129 or Taroko Bus 302 or Hualien Bus 1141.
5. Please consult News > FAQ on our website. Check for “ Transportation: Where can I purchase day passes for buses to Taroko National Park?”
Driving1. From Taroko (at 184.5 km) follow the Central Cross-Island Highway (Highway 8) westward to Cimu Bridge at 170.2 km.
2. From Mt. Hehuan (on Highway 14A/Jia) or Dayuling(at 112 km on Highway 8) areas, follow the Central Cross-Island Highway eastwards to 172 km.
ParkingNo parking available.