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Baiyang Trail Open

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Tianxiang Service Station
Trail Level
Scenic Trail
480 m
The length of the trail
2100 m
1. No restrooms on this trail. Please use the restroom prior to entering. Please us restrooms at Tianxiang or Baiyang parking lot.
2. Some parts of the trail are susceptible to rock falls. Please be careful.
3. A flashlight and rain gear are recommended when walking this trail. Do NOT leave the rain gear on the trail.
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The Baiyang Waterfall Trail is characterized by the number of tunnels. Beginning with the entrance tunnel of 380 meters (by the Central Cross-Island Highway 900 meters west of Tianxiang) to the last tunnel before Water Curtain, you will pass through eight tunnels along the 2.1 kilometer trail ( the 4.2 km round trip will take about one hour and a half).

Some of the tunnels are as straight as a pencil and you can see the light at the end. Others however are curved such that you will be enveloped in pitch-black darkness for a short time unless you take along a flashlight, which is advisable. Looking out of the tunnels from within, the lovely green mountain view is like a painting by a master. The trail was originally built by Taiwan Power Company in 1984 during the early stages of their plans (approved for construction in 1979) to develop hydroelectric power in the area, plans that included damming many parts of the gorge. The hydroelectric project for this area was eventually cancelled. Taroko survived and a road left that makes it easier for us to get into this once remote area.

The ground rock after Water Curtain (Shui-lian-dong) is loose and there is danger of a collapse so as present visitors are only allowed to the entrance of the first Water Curtain. Water curtain is a special scene created by spring water falling from the tunnel roof. Unfortunately, the danger of roof collapse means that the other water curtains are out of bounds.

1. There are eight tunnels located along the trail. Except for the 6th tunnel, which is equipped with solar lighting, the remaining tunnels are unlit to reduce interference with living creatures in the tunnel.
2. The first half of the trail is relatively safe, and the surface is wide and level with a combination of cement and natural terrain. It is a barrier-free and friendly trail, suitable for both strollers and wheelchairs, to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Service Facitilies

Public Restroom、Parking Lot、Viewing Deck

Traffic Information

The Central Cross-Island Highway begins to ascend (heading westwards) and narrows towards Baiyang trail. As large vehicles often travel the highway, please pay extra attention to traffic safety.

1. From Hualien Station, take Hualien buses 1133 or 1133A bound for Tianxiang, or Luoshao-1126 (served two buses daily) or Lishan-1141 (served one bus daily), and alight at Tianxiang.
2. From Xincheng Station, take Taroko Bus 302 or take a Hualien Bus 1133A or 1133 bound for Tianxiang, and alight at Tianxiang.
3. From Tianxiang: Take Buses 302, 1126, 1133, 1133A, or 1141 (bound for Hualien or Xincheng), and alight at Tianxiang bus stop, and then walk west on Provincial Highway 8 for about 700 meter.
**Suggestion: Begin the trail from Tianxaing (700 meter west of Tianxiang) or Baiyang trail parking lot, the trailhead located about middle of rockfall prevention tunnel.
4. https://www.taroko.gov.tw/en/Tourism/Timetable (Two buses companies timetable on our website are reference only.) Please consult News > FAQ on our website. https://www.taroko.gov.tw/en/Event/FAQ “ Transportation: Where can I purchase day passes for buses to Taroko National Park?.”
From Hualien, take Hwy. No.9, passing by (Hwy. No.8) Taroko, Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto), Jiuqudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns) Cimu Bridge, Lushui, and Tianxiang to reach Baiyang trailhead (at the 168.5 k point on Hwy. No.8).
Parking lot is available at Baiyang trailhead next to the Provincial Highway 8. If the parking is full, please park at Tianxiang and hike west 700 m to the trailhead.