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Qilai East Ridge Open

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Mt. Hehuan Service Station
Trail Level
Mountaineering Trail
Permits Required
Park Entry Permit Required
3607 m
Needed Time
6 days (thru-hike)
1. The section of trail from the Mt. Qilai Main/North Peak threeway junction towards Mt. Qilai North Peak is very steep and the south face of Mt. Qilai North Peak is comprised of loose shale. Hikers should take extra caution especially if carrying a heavy load.

2. Although metal supports have been installed along the Tiexian Cliff, with ropes also installed alongside the metal supports as a secondary system, hikers should still take care crossing this section of trail.

3. The bamboo reeds are predominantly overgrown between the 3.8 km and 12 km section of Yanhai Logging Road. As this stretch of road also travels close to a cliff, hikers should pay special attention to their footsteps within this area.

4. There are no known water sources from the worker’s hut at the 9 km marker of the Yanhai Logging Road to the trail end at Yuewang Pavilion. Please prepare ample drinking water before reaching this section of road.
5. Hikers do not need a Mountain Access Permit for the trail: this policy is as of February 2020.
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Trail Introduction             【Qilai East Ridge trail signage and route itinerary】
The Qilai East Ridge collectively refers to the ridgeline stretching eastwards from Mt. Qilai North Peak. Including Mt. Qilai North Peak, mountaineers can summit four baiyue: Mt. Panshi, Mt. Taroko, Mt. Liwu, and Mt. Patuolu. There is cellular reception at the base of each baiyue and at major campgrounds along the entirety of the trail.

Qilai East Ridge requires a 6-day itinerary, starting at the Mt. Qilai trail entrance at the base of Mt. Hehuan East Peak and ending at Yuewang Pavilion at the Heliu Campground.

Stop 1: Mt. Panshi

Verdant grasslands cover the landscape between Mt. Qilai North Peak to Mt. Panshi. Between the two peaks, hikers can choose between many beautiful campgrounds to spend the night. During the daytime, Formosan sambar deer (水鹿; Rusa unicolor) can be sighted on the grassland slopes.


Stop 2: Mt. Taroko


In clear weather, the summit of Mt. Taroko commands a spectacular near-360 degree panorama of the Pacific Ocean, the East Rift Valley, and the Jade Mountain range.


Stop 3: Mt. Liwu (Main)

Upon summiting Mt. Liwu, hikers are presented with an endless view that stretches over the vast horizon, similar to that of Mt. Taroko.


Stop 4: 9 km Worker's Hut 

The three worker's huts at the 0 km, 9 km, and 12 km markers on the Yanhai Logging Road are remnants of the Japanese Colonial Period. Currently, the worker's hut at the 12 km marker is dilapidated beyond use; hikers instead mostly choose to camp overnight at the worker's hut at the 9 km marker.



Traffic Information

From Taichung (Eastbound): A series of 3 buses connects Taichung to the trailhead of Qilai East Ridge. Leg 1: Taichung – Puli (Buses #6670 via Taichung HSR Train Station, #6268 via Taichung HSR and TRA Train Stations, #6899 via Taichung TRA Train Station); Leg 2: Puli – Qingjing Farm (Bus #6664; 70 mins); Leg 3: Qingjing Farm – Songxue Lodge (Bus #6658A; 50 mins). Nantou Bus Company recommends visitors to take Bus #6670 leaving Taichung Railway Station at 08:23 and 11:18 (Taichung HSR Station at 08:45 and 11:35 respectively) to be able to reach Songxue Lodge at 11:15 and 15:10 respectively. Sample itineraries are available from Nantou Bus Company. Please confirm the above schedules directly with Nantou Bus Company in case of any recent changes.
The end of the Qilai East Ridge trail at Yuewang Pavilion is 200 m from Heliu bus stop, serviced by buses #302, #1126, #1133, #1133A, and #1141).
The trailhead of Qilai East Ridge (also the trailhead of Mt. Qilai Main/North Peak) is located at the Ski Lodge, which is 300 m from Provincial Highway 14A (14Jia) at Songsyue Lodge and Hehuanshan 3158 Café.