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Mt. Hehuan West Peak Open

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Mt. Hehuan Service Station
Trail Level
Mountaineering Trail
3145 m
The length of the trail
6700 m
Needed Time
2 days (out-and-back)
1. Mt. Hehuan North Peak is en route to Mt. Hehuan West Peak. However, please note that the hike from Xiaofengkou to Mt. Hehuan West Peak and back takes roughly two days. Please exercise caution.
2. Hikers do not need a Mountain Access Permit for the trail: this policy is as of February 2020.
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Note: The Mt. Hehuan West Peak Trail extends beyond the Mt. Hehuan North Peak Trail at Mt. Hehuan North Peak. 

Trail introduction
The trail entrance of Mt. Hehuan North Peak and Mt. Hehuan West Peak is located at the 37 km marker on Provincial Highway 14A (14Jia). Hikers can park at Xiaofengkou and walk from there to the trail entrance, which is easy recognizable from the information plaque. Following the ridgeline northwards, hikers can reach the Mt. Hehuan North Peak Triangulation Station in 1-1.5 hours. Further along the ridgeline towards the west, it takes a further 3 hours to reach the West Peak Triangulation Station. The first section of trail, from the trailhead to Mt. Hehuan North Peak, is steep. Rhododendrons flourish within this section and bloom between May to June every year. Trees are mostly absent, so adequate sun protection is needed in sunny weather. On the other hand, the Hehuan mountain range is particularly prone to thick fog in the afternoon. Because hikers often lose the trail near the summit of the mountain during such inclement weather, the best times to hike this trail is before noon or when the weather is good and stable.


Service Facitilies


Traffic Information

No direct public bus can reach to Xiaofengkou.

From East Taiwan: From Hualien Train Station or Taroko National Park Headquarters take Hualien Bus #1141(only serviced once daily) to Lishan alight at Dayuling station. (arriving at 11:45 towards Lishan; arriving at 15:54 towards Hualien Train Station). Hualien Bus Phone Number: 03-8323485. http://www.hualienbus.com.tw/bus/userfiles/files/149999051787548.pdf

From Dayuling (at 41.7km) to the trailhead at 37km on Provincial Highway 14A(Jia) walking times requires about an hour and 30 minutes/4.7 km. Hitchhike is not uncommon.
The trailhead is located at the 37 km marker on Provincial Highway 14A (14 Jia). The trailhead can be reached from Taroko by taking first the Provincial Highway 8 westwards and then taking the left fork at Dayuling. The drive will take roughly 3 hours.