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Bus Timetable

*1. Taiwan Trip website: https://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/ East Taiwan- Hualien, Taroko Route #310 bus
*2. Taroko Bus #302
*3. Hualien Bus # 1126 1133 1141

Bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator/ Please click Ubus 310, or Hualien Bus 1133, 1126, 1141, or Taroko Bus 302.

Please consult News > FAQ on our website. https://www.taroko.gov.tw/en/Event/FAQ: “Transportation: How can I reach Taroko Gorge via public transportation from Taipei?”

Touring Taroko Gorge

From Hualien Train Station to Taroko National Park:

A: TaiwanTrip (Taiwan Houxin) Taroko route (Ubus #310) runs regular shuttles between TRA Hualien Station (via Taroko National Park) and Tianxiang. A one-day (NT$250) or a two-day pass (NT $400) allows you to hop on and off at any bus stop on the #310. (The bus #310 is run by Ubus Company.) The TaiwanTrip (Taiwan Houxin) tickets can be purchased at Ubus company service counter staff at Hualien Bus Station to the exit of the east Hualien train station, or at any 7-11/FamilyMart store. Ubus Company service telephone no.:+0800-676676.

B: Or take routes #1126 (Luoshao), #1129 (Taroko Visitor Center), #1133 (Tianxiang), and #1141 (Lishan) run by Hualien bus company. The above tickets can be purchased at Hualien bus company service counter staff at Hualien Bus Station to the exit of the east Hualien train station. Note: The Hualien Bus #1126, #1129, #1133 and #1141 buses will not stop at Qixingtan (beach). For the latest bus timetable, please confirm ahead before your trip. Hualien Bus Company service telephone no.:+886-3-8338146~8. http://www.hualienbus.com.tw/bus/userfiles/files/149999051787548.pdf

Bus fare: The bus fare of the above any lines can be paid by cash (from Ubus #310 or Hualien Bus #1126, #1129, #1133 and #1141 service counter staff) or via Taipei Metro EasyCard, iPass, or iCash. The bus fare is paid by cash to the bus driver needing exact cash. No change will be provided from the bus driver.
Note that the TaiwanTrip day passes cannot be purchased directly from either the bus driver, Xincheng-Taroko TRA Train Station, nor the Taroko National Park Visitor Center.

From Xincheng-Taroko Train Station to Taroko National Park:

In addition to TaiwanTrip #310 and Hualien Bus #1133, Taroko Bus (Bus #302) runs between Xincheng-Taroko Station and Tianxiang via the Taroko National Park Visitor Center. The fare can be paid by cash (exact change only) or via Taipei Metro EasyCard, iPass, or iCash. Additionally, a one-day ticket can be purchased directly from the #302 bus driver (NT$150, cash only needing exact change), allowing you to hop on and off at any bus stop on the #302. (The bus #302 is run by Taroko Bus Company.)
Note that Bus #302 and the above buses are different companies and therefore the one-day tickets are not mutually exchangeable. Taroko Bus Company #302 Bus Service telephone no.:0800-827-656
Note that bus schedules are provided by the respective companies and therefore are subject to change.

Notice: Taroko Bus 302 departs from Xincheng (Taroko) train station via Taroko National Park Headquarters visitor center, Taroko gorge to the final stop at Tianxiang. (about 7 minutes/5 km to the Park Headquarters; 30 minutes/19 km from the Park Headquarters to Tianxiang bus time). Taroko 302 bus will not by pass Buluowan. Please take a TaiwanTrip bus to Buluowan.

Taiwan Trip Bus Time and Route

TaiwanTrip buses (via Qixintan beach) head to Taroko National Park Headquarters via Taroko gorge and Tianxiang. It is about 40 minutes/26km to the Park Headquarters; about 1 hr and 10 minutes (46km) from Hualien station to Tianxiang.


  • Hualien Train Station --- (via Qixintan beach) ---26 km --- Taroko National Park Headquarters — 1 km –Shakadang trail (only the buses bound for Tianxiang will stop here.) --- 1.3 km --- Eternal Spring Shrine (only the buses bound for Hualien or Xincheng station will stop here.) --- Buluowan --- Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) Trail --- Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong) (The must-see gorge trail in Taroko National Park, 700 m /30mins- 1.4km doubleback by foot) --- 2.5km — Helui Campground --- Lushui --- 2 km – Tianxiang (19km west of Taroko National Park Headquarters/ 40 minutes by bus.)

    Note: TaiwanTrip bus departing from Hualien or Tianxiang will via Qixingtan (beach).
  • Notice: Please check bus schedules before taking buses. Please confirm the bus schedules directly with bus companies in case of any recent changes. Buses might arrive later than the provided bus schedule, due to the Provincial Highway 8 construction traffic control or other factors.

How can I reach Mt. Hehuan from Hualien?

From East Taiwan Hualien to Mt. Hehuan (Hehuanshan) :

  • There exists no direct public transport from Hualien to Mt. Hehuan.
    However, Bus #1141 departs at 08:40 am from Hualien TRA Train Station to Lishan, passing by Dayuling around 11:45 pm. Dayuling is the nearest bus station to Xianfengkou at Mt. Hehuan area (5.1 km/ 1 hour and a half hour walking time). Hitchhiking is not uncommon in Taiwan's rural areas.
    Hualien #1141 bus served one bus daily between Hualien station and Lishan.
    Departing at Hualien station bound for Lishan (Out)
    Hualien 8:40 ---- Taroko N. P. HQ 9:40 --- Tianxiang 10:10 Luoshao 10:35 Wenshan 10:13 --- Dayuling 11:45 --- Lishan 12:40
    Departing at Lishan bound for Hualien station (Back)
    Lishan 15:00 --- Dayuling 15:54—Ci’en 16:34– Wenshan17:22 -- Tianxiang 18:00 – Taroko Arch 18:30 --- TRA Hualien Station 19:25
  • Dayuling to Taroko or Hualien (from Dayuling to east Taiwan)
    Hualien Bus 15:54 at Dayuling heading towards Taroko, one bus daily only (East Bond). If tourists miss the bus, walk eastwards to Guanyuan (about 4.5km/an hour on foot). You can stay in Kuanyun Youth Hostel (04-25991173) at Guanyuan.

How can I reach Mt. Hehuan by private car from Hualien?

  • For those opting to use private transport, visitors can take Provincial Highway 9 from Hualien to the Taroko National Park Visitor Center, then taking Provincial Highway 8 (the Central Cross-Island Highway) from the Park Headquarters Visitor Center to Dayuling (about 79 km/ 2hr by car), and then taking Provincial Highway 14A (14Jia) from Dayuling to Xiaofengkou- the Mt. Hehuan Service Station for the Mt. Hehuan areas.
  • Please be aware that there is snow control in the higher elevation sections of Provincial Highway 14A (14Jia) in the winter season, and occasional road works within Taroko National Park, which are listed on the Park Website: https://www.taroko.gov.tw/en/Event/HighwayCondition

How can I reach Mt. Hehuan (Hehuanshan) from Taichung by public transportation?

  • Option 1: From West Taiwan- Taichung (Eastbound):
    A series of 3 buses connects Taichung to the trailhead of Mt. Hehuan Main Peak, Mt. Hehuan East Peak, Mt. Shimen, Mt. Hehuan North Peak and Mt. Hehuan West Peak. Leg 1: Taichung bus station – Puli (Nantou Buses #6670 via Taichung HSR Station (Taichung – Puli), 70 mins); Leg 2: Puli – Qingjing Farm (Nantou Bus #6658, 70 mins); Leg 3: Qingjing Farm – via Songxue Lodge – Xiaofengkou (Nantou Bus #6658A, 1 hr). Nantou Bus Company recommends visitors to take Bus #6670 leaving Taichung Gancheng Bus Station at 08:20 and 11:15 (Taichung HSR Station at 08:40 and 11:35 respectively) to be able to reach Songxue Lodge at 11:50 and 15:30 respectively and to the final stop at Xiaofengkou at 12:00 and 15:40 respectively. Bus schedules are available from #iBus Info System, and please check Route Search/ Search by Bus Operator. Please check Nantou Bus #6670, #6658, and 6658A. Or #Nantou Bus Company website (Chinese version only). Please confirm the above schedules directly with Nantou Bus Company in case of any recent changes.
  • Option 2: From North Taiwan- Taipei bus station:
    Take a bus from Taipei to Puli, then change a bus from Puli to Mt. Hehuan areas. See the above Leg 2 and Leg 3 Nantou bus company info.

From Nantou County Qingjin Farm to Mt. Hehuan areas:

  • From Qingjin Farm (Nantou County) to Xiaofengkou (Mt. Hehuan Service Station and Mt. Hehuan areas)
    A bus served daily by Nantou Bus Company from Qingjin Farm guest house to Xiaofengkou. (Tel: +886-49-2984031)
    Bus #6658A - Qingjing Farm 08:20, 11:00, 14:30 -- —50 minutes — Songxue Lodge 09:10, 11:50, 15:30 —10 minutes ---- Xiaofengkou 09:20, 12:00, 15:40
  • From Xiaofengkou to Qingjin Farm
    Bus #6658A- 9:40, 12:20, 15:50 Xiaofengkou – 10 minutes – Songxue Lodge 9:50, 12:30, 16:00 – 50 minutes --- Qingjin Farm10:40, 13:20, 16:50
    Tourists would like to visit the Mt. Hehuan North Peak trail or the Mt. Hehuan West Peak trail. The above mentioned buses are recommended. Mt. Hehuan North Peak is en route to Mt. Hehuan West Peak. However, please note that the hike from Xiaofengkou to Mt. Hehuan West Peak and back takes roughly two days. Please exercise caution.
    There is no lodging available at Xiaofengkou. Please book Songxue Lodge in advance. Booking email: tsfs@forest.gov.tw

The fastest and economical ways to reach Sun Moon Lake is from Taipei.

* There is no direct transport from Taroko National Park to Sun Moon Lake.

  • Option 1 (the most economical): Departing at Taipei:
    Taking a Kouguang Bus #1833 (Taipei Bus Station Phone Number: +886-2-25583060) (4 hr/ NT$470 ) from Taipei bus station to Sun Moon Lake.
  • Option 2 (The fastest): Departing from Taipei to Taichung:
    High Speed Train (47 minutes – 1hr/NT$700) + change a bus at Taichung to Sun Moon Lake: a TaiwanTrip Bus https://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/line/8 from Taichung bus station to Sun Moon Lake (NT$169 paid by Taipei Metro easy card or I-pass or I-cash, or NT$193 paid by cash/ 1hr 45 minutes bus time)
  • Option 3: Departing from Taipei train station:
    Taking a train to Taichung and change a bus
    Option 1: Local train: NT$241/about 3 hr
    Option 2: Ziqiang (express) train NT$375/about 2 hr
    Option 3 Puoma or Tailuge (Express) train: NT$375/about 1 hr and 38 minutes
    Then change a TaiwanTrip Bus https://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/line/8 at Taichung bus station to Sun Moon Lake (NT$169 paid by Taipei Metro easy card or I-pass or I-cash, or NT$193 paid by cash)/ 1hr 45 minutes bus time)
  • Or from Taichung Bus Station to Sun Moon Lake:
    #6670 Bus run by Nantou Bus Company: http://www.ntbus.com.tw/tour-sml.html) or TaiwanTrip Bus https://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/line/8
  • Or from Puli (Nantou County) to Sun Moon Lake:
    #6668 Bus (Nantou Bus Company #6668 bus: http://www.ntbus.com.tw/s01.html)
  • Notice:
    Please also note that bus schedules and routes are subject to change, and that you should check with the respective bus companies prior to your departure.