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Mt. Hehuan

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Dongshi Forest District Office
Recreation Zone
Mt. Hehuan Recreation Area
3115 m
Be sure to dress warmly when visiting Mt. Hehuan. Due to the influx of tourists, visiting Mt. Hehuan (3400 meters) on holidays, especially during the blooming season of Yushan Rhododendron in April and May isn’t advised.

If you experience altitude sickness symptoms (increase in heart rate, nausea, etc.), it is advised to descend the mountain immediately. In general symptoms will be alleviated once reaching a lower elevation such as Qingjing Farm or Puli. Oxygen service is available at Songxue Lodge, or Xiaofengkou (at Mt. Hehuan Service Station of the Taroko National Park).

The Mt. Hehuan area receives many visitors. Please help protect the environment by avoiding littering, which damages the ecosystems.
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Although not the tallest mountain in Taiwan, Mt. Hehuan(Hehuanshan) experiences the highest frequency of snow. Due to its  geographical location, it accumulates the moisture rising from Liwu River, making snow possible whenever the temperature is low enough. The frequency and quantity of snow here along with the  accessibility of Mt. Hehuan has made it a popular winter destination to enjoy “the snow in southern country” scenery.

Mt. Hehuan in the spring and summer shows another kind of beauty. Based on Songxue Lodge and Mt. Hehuan Visitor Center(3158m), visitors can wander outward to look for its wonder around every corner.

Belonging to Dongshi Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau, Songxue Lodge provides lodging and dining services all year round. For room reservation, please call 04-2522-9696. For dining, please call 049-2802-980.  Room Booking Email: tsfs@forest.gov.tw

Service Facitilies

Food and Drink、Public Restroom、Phone、Parking Lot、Bus Station、Accommodation

Traffic Information

From East Taiwan: From Hualien Train Station take Hualien Bus #1141(only serviced once daily) to Lishan alight at Dayuling station. Hualien Bus Phone Number: 03-8323485. http://www.hualienbus.com.tw/bus/userfiles/files/149999051787548.pdf
From Dayuling to Songxue Lodge walking times requires 2 - 2.5 hours/ 8.7km. Hitchhike is not uncommon.

From West Taiwan: No public transportation available. Please take a rental car or a taxi from from Taichung to Puli (Nantou County), Wushe through Wuling to Mt. Hehuan.

From West Taiwan: Nantou Bus runs six buses served daily departing from Qingjing Farm Guest House(Nantou County) (8:30 am, 11:00 am, 14:20) to Songxue Lodge stop. Three buses depart at 9:45 am, 12:15, 15:35 bound for Qingjing Farm Guest House daily from Songxue Lodge. The bus running times is about 70 minutes each direction between Qingjing Farm Guest House and Songxue Lodge stop at the elevation of 3150 m (warm or winter clothes required). Contact bus timetable for Nantou Bus Company Phone Number: 049-2984031.
To get to Xongxue Lodge (3150 m), drive westbound on Provincial Highway 8 from Hualien to Taroko, Dayuling and transfer to Provincial Highway 14A(14Jia) for Xiaofengkou, Mt. Hehuan Service Station (3002 m), and Songxue Lodge. It takes about 3 - 3.5 hours driving.

From Nantou to Mt. Hehuan, depart from Puli (Provincial Highway 14) in the direction of Qingjing Farm and pass through Wushe(Provincial Highway 14A or 14Jia), Qingjing Farm, Kunyang and Wuling to reach Songxue Lodge.