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Bilingual Glossary

  • The trail ahead has not been repaired and is potentially very dangerous. Please do not enter without park permission.

    本步道前方尚未整修 完成,路徑且有高度潛在危險,非經本處核准,請勿進入。

  • For your own safety please do not go forward. Taroko National Park Administration cares about you!


  • Trail closed due to typhoon 


  • Watch your head! Be careful not to bump your head!


  • Dangerous cliff! Do not get too close and do not climb.


  • To reduce pollution and paper consumption to protect the envirornment, this public toilet does not provide paper or hand-washing soap.


  • The trail is precipitous in places. The rock is loose. Please watch out for falling rocks and take care when passing.

    步道緊臨斷崖 岩層破碎 務請小心落石 小心行進

  • No entry! The trail is precipitous in places. Please access Mt. Hehuan Main Peak from the 29.5 kilometer point of Highway No. 14A. Taroko National Park

    步道臨崖險峻危險勿進,請由台14甲29.5K 處進入合歡主峰,太魯閣國家公園敬啟

  • Life belt for emergency use only. Using for other purposes strictly forbidden


  • Jumping into the water or swimming prohibited


  • Taroko tribe legend--Spirit bridge (Rainbow Bridge)The Taroko tribe’s people believe that when they die the ancestral spirit will wait for them at the side of Wooden Bridge on the way to the ancestral spirit land. If the spirit of the deceased passed the


  • Stay close to the wall and don't rush to get in front of others