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COVID-19 Epidemic Level 2 Alert, Taroko National Park Opens Ecological Protection Areas

  • Updated:2021-11-29
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According to the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior for Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia on November 23, 2021, “National Park Area Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic Alert Level 2 Recreational Visitor Outflow and Inflow Control Measures” Taroko National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the Taroko N. P. HQ) will be restored mountain cabins (fully reopened) in the ecological protection areas starting from November 26, 2021.


Following the slowing down and stability of the domestic epidemic situation, the national park recreational control measures will be adjusted step by step, in accordance with the relevant epidemic prevention policy instructions of the Central Epidemic Command Center.


1. Mountain Cabins: The mountain cabins of Taroko National Park will restore original accommodation capacity as of November 26, 2021. The reduced capacity limit will be removed, and replaced with the original online application system. People who cancel their park application will have their beds released and supplemented according to the typical application rules.

  2. If it is determined that a person or group cannot enter the park in accordance with their application time, they must be sure to cancel their application online 1 day prior to entry before 3:00 pm. Violators will not be allowed to enter the park for 6 months.

3. If you are in a well-ventilated place with no crowds, and you can maintain social distance from others, you are temporarily exempted from wearing masks. Mountain hikers should bring masks with themselves, maintain social distancing, bring their own protective cleaning supplies, strengthen personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, and implement self-management of mountain safety and epidemic prevention risks by referring to the "Autonomous Checklist for Epidemic Prevention of Mountaineering and Hiking Activities". Meals in mountain cabins should be separate eating time; dining in camps should be dispersed in an outdoor ventilated place under social distance, or in separate tents.

4. Persons who belong to the "Home Quarantine, Home Monitoring, and Autonomous Health Management" announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center should cancel or postpone their application for permits; if members of the team have symptoms such as fever, respiratory discomfort or severe cough, they should cancel their permits by themselves.

5. If a confirmed COVID-19 patient has accessed the cabin, emergency response measures will be initiated to strengthen environmental cleanup or a 14-day closure of the cabin before opening.

6. Application to enter the national park ecological protection area should apply for in advance. Those who have obtained permit to enter the park should still determine whether they can enter the park or be listed as a standby hiker in accordance with the subsequent opening of the park, the number of people and the epidemic prevention plan.


Various control measures will still be adjusted according to the latest epidemic prevention guidelines of the Central Epidemic Command Center or the Ministry of the Interior. Please pay close attention to the latest announcement of the Taroko N. P. HQ. Thank you for your cooperation!

News issued by Taroko National  Park HQ