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Notice: In response to the Level 3 of national epidemic alert and restriction adjustments

  • Updated:2021-07-12
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Subject: In response to the Level 3 of national epidemic alert and restriction adjustments, announcement of public areas, indoor and outdoor recreational areas and trail opening conditions adjustment measures in Taroko National Park.


Basis: “The Severe Special Infectious COVID-19 Central Epidemic Command Center" announced the matter and the Ministry of the Interior issued the Tainei Yingzi No. 1100811152 official announcement on July 8, 2021.

Notice Items:

1. In response to the extension and restriction adjustments of the Level 3 of the national epidemic alert, starting from July 13, 2021, the public areas and indoor and outdoor recreational areas in Taroko National Park will be adjusted as follows:

 (1) The areas closed are as follows:

A: Ecological Protection Area (including mountain cabins) and other control area trails closed include: Zhuilu Old Road, Qilai (Main/North Peaks, Range from North to South Peak, South Peak, East Ridge); Nanhu (out-and-back to Nanhu Cabin, North Section 1); North Section 1 (Mts. Nanhu and Zhongyangjian), North Section 2 (Y-route, Mt. Shuan/Mt. Lingming, Mt. Shuan Day Ascent); North Sections 1 and 2 traverse; Bilu-Yangtou Traverse; Mt. Qingshui; Mt. Shuan, Mt. Lingming, Mt. Bilu, Mt. Yangtou etc.

       B: The trails closed for construction works include: Shakadnag, Baiyang, and Lushui

      C: The outdoor recreation areas closed are Heliu Campground and Lushu Campground.

 (2) Conditionally open areas are as follows:

A: Trail openings are as follows: Changchun Shrine, Dekalun, Datong-Dali, Chongde, Huide, Xiaozhulu, Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong), Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou), Lushui-Wenshan, Huoran Pavilion, Xiaoqilai, Hehuan North Peak and Hehuan West Peak, Mt. Pingfeng, Hehuan River, Mt. Hehuan Main Peak, Mt. Hehuan East Peak, Mt. Shimen trail, etc.

B: Open outdoor recreational areas include: Shanyue Suspension Bridge, Liufang Bridge Observation Platform, Yuewang Pavilion, Huoran Pavilion, and Wuling Observation Platform.

C: Open indoor exhibition halls include: Taroko National Park Headquarters Visitor Center, Buluowan, Tianxiang, and Mt. Hehuan Service Stations.

 (3) The Taroko National Park HQ is conditionally open the areas. Tourists are still urged to comply with various epidemic prevention regulations, such as wearing face masks at all times, conducting crowd control and scanning QR Code registry for Real-name Registration System. Parking lots will reduce the number of available parking spaces by 40%. The Taroko National Park Headquarters will coordinate with the Hualien County Government or Xiulin Township Hall's relevant epidemic prevention and control measures to make timely adjustments.